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Find the Perfect Present for that Hard-to-Buy-for Person in Your Life

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Many of us have someone in our lives that has absolutely everything and then some. Buying a gift for that special person can prove quite stressful around the holiday season and with each upcoming birthday. Sit back and relax. Here are a few pointers aimed at making this challenge a little bit easier. Here's how to find a gift for someone who has everything.

  1. Think outside the store. Buying that hard-to-find gift can have you wandering the malls for hours on end with little or no luck. Before embarking on such a shopping journey, think carefully about what that person might really need or enjoy instead of hoping the perfect gift will miraculously appear. Think about what is happening in their lives at the moment. Have they recently experienced a major life event, taken up a new hobby, or planned a trip? Think about how your gift can contribute to these events. Thinking about gift ideas in advance can narrow down your shopping options and have you spending less time searching aimlessly. You may even find that the gift you are looking for is not one you just go out and buy.
  2. Don't wait until the last minute. Have you ever found that perfect Christmas gift for someone in July, but decided to wait and buy it later? If you think it's a good gift, buy it then. Don't wait until the last minute to purchase that perfect present. Chances are you'll either forget what that gift was or it won't be available when you go to get it later. Last minute shopping is extremely stressful and usually doesn't yield the desired results.
  3. Consider giving a gift of labor. Determine if there is something they need done around the house, such as a fresh coat of paint, landscaping, or a bathroom renovation. Give them your time and energy and help them freshen up their home. Renovating a kitchen or bathroom not only gives them a bright new room but also increases the value of their home - what a perfect gift. A new room also gives you the opportunity find something new to go in it. Another option is to help them declutter the decades of useless gifts and spend a weekend with them having a garage sale.
  4. Give a gift that keeps on giving. Rather than giving a one-time gift, subscription gifts can be a something they receive throughout the entire year. It could be their favorite magazine or a wine/beer of the month. Another option is to pay for something they already use for a full year, such as a newspaper subscription, cable TV, car insurance, lawn care service, maid service, and so on.
  5. Give an expensive gift that costs you nothing. If you've accumulated club points or air miles that you don't expect to be using in the near future, use them to purchase a gift or a trip. Browse the points catalog for a unique gift idea, or give them a vacation for free. A plane ticket to visit an old friend or distant relative can be priceless.
  6. Give them a night out on the town. If the person you are buying for normally stays at home, or if the bowling league is the extent of their social life, then an exciting night out can make a great gift. Without letting them know in advance, call them to dress up and tell them you are taking them out for dinner. Have a limo pick them up with champagne and flowers. Meet them for dinner and then take them to the opera or theatre completely by surprise. Close the night out with a little dancing. The experience will be a memorable gift in itself.
  7. Shop online. Anything you can buy at a retail store these days can also be bought online. Better still, you can find unique items and special gifts online that you normally can't find at the mall. Search for unique gift ideas and you'll be amazed at the things you'll find that you may never have thought of before. For instance, find out what their favorite toy or book was when they were a child and see if you can find it for sale on an auction site.
  8. Break the mold. Have you collaborated with your siblings on completing your mother's plate collection just so it's easier for everyone in the family to buy that hard-to-buy gift? Though she may enjoy her collectibles, it can get tired and predictable over time. Don't use existing spending habits as an easy way out when gift buying. Instead, be creative and try something new every year.
  9. Listen closely for ideas. Spend some time with the person and get a better idea of their interests. They may mention that they've needed something for a while but just haven't gotten around to getting it. Or maybe they've lost or broken something that they really miss. Maybe they're still using something from a by-gone era that needs updating. Why not replace their 8-track collection with an equivalent collection of music on an iPod?
  10. When all else fails, there's always gift cards. Okay, this may be a bit of a cop-out, but pretty much every retail outlet and restaurant has them. Rather than just give the gift card, however, be a little creative. Make a game out of it such as wrapping the card in a series of progressively larger boxes so it takes a while to get to it rather than just having them open an envelope. Another option is to include a restaurant gift card with some theatre tickets.

Now you've got some great gift ideas for someone who has everything! Gift giving doesn't need to be difficult or predictable. Think creatively and your gifts will create memories instead of becoming dust collectors.


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Sounds like you might have had some difficult people to shop for. I really like the idea of boxing a gift card.

By Cynthia Willis