How To Buy a Quality Couch

Couches a.k.a. sofas or davenports were invented for serious lounging and relaxing. Really, after an exhausting day, there’s no better way of parking your aching, sore, and tired body than on soft cushions and a couch. Next to a bed, a hot bath, and a warm body, this is one of the few luxuries you can rely on to be there at the end of each day.

But no matter how attached you have become to your couch, there will come a time after a period of wear-and-tear that you will have to let it go. This occasion then calls for you to buy a replacement.

Here’s how you can buy a quality couch:

First, think about where you want to buy a couch and how much you’re willing to spend for it. This will be your initial battleground. For longevity, function, aesthetic requirements, and a budget ranging from $700 - $10,000 you can rely on the following:

  • On a budget: Ikea, ABC Carpet & Home, Blue Raccoon, Ethan Allen, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Door Store, and West Elm.
  • Affordable: Crate & Barrel, Bo Concept, Storehouse, and Room & Board
  • Deluxe: DWR, MG Collection at Restoration Hardware, Ligne Rose, Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams, and Mitchell Gold Angelo,
  • High-end: Luminaire, Kenneth Cobonpue, George Smith, and Scott Bower Sofa Systems.

Second, become familiar with the anatomy of a couch:

  1. Take its measurements. If you loved lounging on your old couch, then look for the product information that came with it when you first bought it. If you can’t find it, here are some suggested couch measurements for you to go by: Loveseat (60 – 70 inches long); A three-seater couch is between a loveseat and an apartment-sized couch (82-90 inches long). The good news is that there are no standard sizes for couches. This is all entirely dependent on your preference and lifestyle.
  2. Test it. Sit on it and feel the filler or ask the store assistant what filler was used for the couch. Experts say down-and-feather combination is the best but even high-density foam will suffice as more-than-comfy couch filler.
  3. Get a feel for it. The chemistry between you and the couch should be palpable and undeniable. You are bound to build your history with this furniture piece so you should feel right at home the moment you land your behind on it. Your feet should be able to touch the floor. Lounge on it the way you would when you’re at home. Stretch on it. Let it all hangout so to speak.
  4. Check the fabric. It should not only look durable but beautiful as well. Ideally, your couch of choice should be ensconced in plush leather, thick twill, or tough nee durable microsuede. Any fabric outside of these three is dubious so take this information to heart.
  5. The joints should be checked also. Look out for good workmanship or carpentry, which can be seen on both external and internal joints – experts say joints should be “double- or triple-doweled, corner blocked, glued, and high-pressure stapled.” A knowledgeable store assistant should be able to point these out for you.
  6. The wood finish and the wood itself should be able to repel or at the very least keep moisture to a minimum so for this, maple, ash, cherry, or beech wood should be any one of your choices.
  7. The cushions should be removable in case you spill something on it in the future.

When you’re done picking and buying the couch you want, you are bound to love the Couch Life all the more!


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