How To Buy a Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

A bird feeder is a device placed outdoors to provide bird food to birds. Squirrel proof feeders prevent squirrels from reaching the food and damaging the feeder while doing so.

With numerous counts of bird feeders that assert to be squirrel proof, how will you choose the right bird feeder? There are many kinds of squirrel proof bird feeders, each with its different use. Below are some tips of which squirrel proof bird feeder to buy:

  1. Hanging feeders versus pole mounted bird feeders. The first step is to choose if you are going to hang your feeder or mount it on a pole. Pole mounted bird feeder resolves a lot of issues which hanging feeders have, as far as the bird feeder is away from the trees. The pole’s height should be more than five feet. Squirrels can leap up to five feet and reach the feeder if the pole isn’t tall enough. Buying a squirrel proof feeder isn’t required if the pole is too high or far from the trees for the squirrel to reach. A pole mounted squirrel proof feeder is a combination that is unbeatable.  If a feeder is hung from a tree, squirrels will most likely to get the bird feeder. They may not be able to get the seeds at first, but they will try to chew on certain parts and tip it to pour seeds out. They may even break the branch the feeder is hanging from and tip it over. Those who plan to suspend their feeder should buy a full-metal, crush proof feeder, and if you are using a plastic feeder be sure that the plastic parts are not exposed. Always prefer a strong branch that won’t break.
  2. Caged feeders are affordable and useful. This common type of feeder has an immobile cage with a plastic tube in the center. They are also 8-10 inches wide to steer clear of blackbirds. These types of feeders can be pole mounted or hung. Another advantage is that there are no moveable parts that may get damaged. These feeders, however, cannot support birds that are generally big in size and are heavy.
  3. Weighted perch feeders are adjustable feeders. They have adjustable perches to allow birds of a certain weight to enter. A spring adjustment would trip the perch, dropping a cage door to keep out unwanted animals, namely squirrels. Weight settings can be adjusted for all sorts of heaviness. Even the heavy setting will close the door if a squirrel, or something as heavy as a squirrel, gets on the feeder. The only minor setback is that the springs can sometimes break.
  4. Battery powered squirrel proof feeders are more expensive but also more effective. There are two types; the first one has a spinning perch that flips squirrels off. When a squirrel steps on the perch of the feeder, its motor gets set in motion, thereby causing the squirrel to spin around and eventually fall to the ground. This feeder cannot be pole mounted. The second type releases electricity when a squirrel lands on the battery connected to the feeder. This kind can be hung or pole mounted.

Knowledge regarding squirrel proof bird feeders will surely help in what type is to be bought. Is it hanging or pole-mounted? Can it be affordable or expensively effective? In the end, it is up to one’s personal choice as to which bird feeder is to be bought.


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