How To Buy a Swimming Pool Hand Skimmer

One of the frequent problems that pool owners face is the leaves and other types of debris that can settle on the pool. These become much more difficult to clean once the dirt has sunk down to the bottom of the pool. These also require the filters to be cleaned more often. One of the easy solutions to pools in areas that become dirty quickly are swimming pool hand skimmers. Here’s what you need to consider when purchasing this pool maintenance equipment.

  1. Type of pool dirt. If leaves and a few bugs are the usual culprits on the surface of your pool, you will only need to purchase a simple and basic swimming pool hand skimmer. These are available in most pool supply shops, and are the cheapest. These usually have a sturdy and lightweight handle and a large scope that will allow you to easily pick up the dirt. If your pool becomes dirty faster than other pools, try pool hand skimmers with larger scopes and finer nets that will catch smaller bugs and dirt.
  2. Weight. Next, consider the weight of the pool hand skimmer when choosing. If you are purchasing the products from a local shop, check the weight on your hands first and be sure that you are comfortable when using the pool skimmer. Some pool skimmers are heavier than others. The type of material with which the pool skimmer is made, as well as the length of the pool skimmer handle, will all determine the weight of the skimmer.
  3. Net size. Pool skimmers also have various net sizes. For basic pool cleaning, the usual pool skimmer’s net size will suffice. For pools that are near trees or which are shaded by trees, however, larger net sizes are required to gather as much leaves from the pool as possible, without having to draw the pool skimmer out of the water. When choosing pool skimmers, however, be sure to check how the net is attached to the pool skimmer. Make sure that the net is double stitched to the circular hoop or reinforced, since even leaves when wet can weigh a lot.
  4. Swiveling skimmers. For people who can hire pool cleaners, a basic skimmer will do. But if you will clean the surface of the pool water yourself, you should consider swiveling skimmers. These have moving parts in the junction between the pool net and the handle, which will allow a sideward swiveling motion as you move the pool skimmer in the water. The swiveling motion will allow you to clean the pool with more easily, and is especially useful for people with lower back problems.
  5. Remote control. Finally, you can also purchase pool skimmers that operate through remote control. These types of pool skimmers will allow you to minimize lifting weights out of the pool water, as well as the repeated motion that you need to do when cleaning the pool.

Apart from purchasing pool cleaners, also consider getting a protective net over your pool to catch dirt and debris before these even gather on the pool. These protective nets are especially useful if the pool is only used occasionally.


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