How To Buy a Swimming Pool Timer

A swimming pool is always a wonderful thing to have in your yard, especially during the hot summer months when a dip in the pool is just what you need to keep cool. However, maintaining the pools temperature and keeping it clean can be such a chore. Thankfully, there are swimming pool timers which you can program to do these things and more. Below are some useful tips for buying a swimming pool timer.

  • Know how a swimming pool timer can help you save money. Most swimming pools are built in such way that the system filters the water all the time or is temperature controlled 24 hours a day. When you are not using your pool all hours everyday, then you don’t need it the system filtering and maintaining temperature all the time. A swimming pool timer can save you lots of money by allowing you to schedule the filtration on off-peak hours and heating or cooling the pool during times when is being used.
  • Choose a multifunction swimming pool timer. As you probably guessed from above, a swimming pool timer can do many things. A swimming pool timer can be programmed to turn water filtration pumps on and off at scheduled times. It can also be used to program the heating or cooling of the water temperature. Lighting around the pool can also be controlled using the swimming pool timer.
  • Talk to your contractor about installing a swimming pool timer. If you’re having a swimming pool built, then installing a swimming pool timer should be included in your plan. If you have an existing swimming pool but no timer, then you should probably talk to the contractor who built your swimming pool about installing one. Your contractor is in the best position to recommend what swimming pool timer you should have installed.
  • Look out for easy to install swimming pool timers. If you are planning to install the swimming pool timer on your own, then choose models that are very easy to install. This way you get to save money. Plus, it will be easier for you to replace the device in case it breaks down.
  • Buy from reputable makers of swimming pool timers. Many low quality products are flooding the market today. To avoid wasting money on devices that will break down after a couple of months, invest a good quality swimming pool timers made by trusted manufacturers like Blue Wave, Flexible Solutions, Hydromatic and Intermatic. These brands have been around for years and are considered the best in the market.
  • Find a timer within you budget. The prices of swimming pool timers vary depending on its functionality and quality. A single function swimming pool timer will cost you around $30. The high quality multifunction ones cost hundreds of dollars. If you consider your swimming pool a good investment, then buying he more expensive ones would not be much of an issue for you.

Save hundreds of dollars in electric bills by investing on a good quality swimming pool timer. You will find that it’s a good investment once you don’t have to work so hard to manage your water filter and maintain the temperature of the pool.


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