How To Buy a Unique Storage Tote

One of the best ways to really enjoy your purchase is to find that only you possess that particular kind of item in a given area or group. Uniqueness is especially a characteristic most applauded in fashion items like storage tote bags. Humble as the storage tote bag may be in your entire cabinet of fashion goodies, it still pays to be able to buy a good and uniquely designed storage tote. That will not just store all your stuff in one place but it will also help you make a fashion statement.

Storage totes don’t just come in form of bags. In the more practical realm of housekeeping, there are also those large storage totes, which are used to store many items in the home. The most common generic designs are plastic shiny tubs that are rectangular or square in shape. These are very useful for everyday use and storage.

In buying a unique storage tote, it is important to determine first what the common design is. In the field of storage tote bags for fashion, the more common designs include plastic transparent storage with relatively short arm slings. Then there is also the stackable storage tote which allows you to have better storage with greater capacity since you can stack up one tote after another. Another interesting variety is the cloth-enclosed storage tote, which is softer and washable. This type can be easily slid under your bed for convenience.

Here are some factors to consider when looking for that unique storage tote.

Color combination. Usually, storage totes have a single color. If you find one with a theme or unique color combination, that is one of the exceptions. It is really an exceptional find for you if you are able to check out a storage tote with a flashy color combination.

Shape. Deviate from rectangular shapes and try to experiment with other styles. A good example of this is the Color Cuff Canvas Storage Tote from Remodelista.

Wheels and bolts. Love My Cricut’s Expression Rolling Totes is inspired by the recent evolution of tote storage. To make it more portable, wheels are added often with the infusion of unique color combinations. You might find it very beneficial especially if you are always on the go.

Function-specific storage totes. HSN’s 3 Birds Get Organized Craft Storage Tote is one example of a good function specific storage tote. It lends uniqueness to the tote in the sense that it is tailor-fitted or earmarked specifically for storing arts and crafts tools.

Open for improvements. Fabric storage totes are the winner in this category. You can most definitely buy a unique tote if you are able to introduce your own improvements on the fabric or material itself. Promo Peddler boasts of its own version of customizable storage tote bags  that you can check out.

The quest for a unique storage tote entails that you go beyond these usual storage tote designs. There are many aspects that you must consider as you try to find or buy the best and most unique storage tote in your area.


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