How To Buy a Wood Chipper

There is an easier and faster way to turn tree branches, twigs, and leaves into compost—use a wood chipper. Also known as wood shredder, this machine will cut down the mentioned organic waste into smaller pieces. With this, you’ll have lesser waste to worry about and you will have instant mulch for the plant bed.

However, a wood chipper is a big investment. The basic shredder will cost up to $600 while the most powerful can be purchased at around $4,000. That is why you should think more than twice if you really need a wood chipper or not. It’s no joke to spend for this machine. So, make your investment a wise one by knowing how to buy the best wood chipper.

  • Small or big. Small chippers will obviously handle smaller jobs while the bigger wood chippers can handle bigger jobs. Small shredders are fine for homes with large gardens or small commercial farms. Big farms will need bigger shredders. A wood shredding business is better with the bigger wood chippers, too.
  • Number of blades. Basically, the more blades a chipper has, the easier the shredding will be. Blades also vary in size, capacity, and type. Most of these, however, are rectangular-shaped. They measure about 5 inches across and 6 inches long. Thickness also varies from 1.5 inch to 2 inches. Although variation is common, wood chipper blades are made out of high grade steel and some amount of chromium.
  • Combinations. Most wood chippers today do not only work as wood shredder. Other models have built in sweeper, blower, and vacuum. Almost all of these will have collection bags, covers, and blowback shields. Bigger wood chippers usually have wheels while smaller chippers can possibly have wheels installed on them.
  • Price. The bigger and the more accessories a wood chipper has, the more expensive it can be. But then, the most expensive is certainly not the best shredder for your needs. It is important to get only the chipper that can serve for all your needs. Shop around to compare different prices of different models.
  • Quality. You could invest on wood chipper and expect it to last a lifetime. That is only possible if you get a high quality machine and take care of it well. So, if you are torn between a cheaper alternative and a better machine, go for the better quality at all times. It is okay to spend some few hundred bucks as long as the extra expenses are all worth it.
  • Gas-powered or electrical. Electrical wood chippers are commonly quieter than the gas-powered. These can also be used inside while when used outside, these machines need heavy-duty cord and proximity to the power source. Meanwhile, gas-powered machines are commonly used outdoors because they are easier to carry around. These are more powerful than the electrical wood chippers, too.

There are many wood chippers in the world and this is the reason why it is very difficult to choose the best. But as long as you follow the tips above, your choosing will at least be easier. It’s not guaranteed that you will get the best machine but at least, you are guaranteed of a wiser buy. 


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