How To Buy Antique Dollhouse Furniture

Just like our homes, a dollhouse is dull without a doll and roomy without furniture in it. For a passionate hobbyist of any miniature and dollhouse collection, it was not easy looking for antique dollhouse furniture until they became available on the Internet. For some, dollhouse furniture aged over 25 years is considered antique but this, however, varies for every collector. Just like other antiques, dollhouse furniture is also available in reproductions and original trade-ins. You can find a good bargain by following the tips below.

  1. If you desire to buy it online, search for legitimate sites which either specialize in reproduction or sell genuine antiques. You can browse on eBay for good deals or check on other auction sites. is one good site for antique dollhouse furniture. Each product available on their website includes snap shots, product description, and selling price. If you are interested to purchase, you are required to fill in some personal particulars where they can contact you. Ask questions on shipment or insurance policy. Don’t hesitate to call the company for further questions.
  2. If there are auction sales on antiques near you, visit the place and start negotiating with the owner. In auction stores, you can actually see the quality of the antique dollhouse furniture you are interested in buying. Remember that you may need to spend a big investment in every piece that you purchase, so don’t miss checking on the product for nicks and imperfections.
  3. You can also buy from other collectors. Just make sure that they are reputable and reliable. You can make some agreements on your purchase if the other party agrees. You can ask the collector for the product’s history before buying it. It is also good to ask for the collector’s contact information for further assistance or for making new deals.
  4. Genuine antiques are more expensive compared to reproductions. Nonetheless, you should keep them clean once purchased. Antique dollhouse furniture is usually made of wood, ivory, porcelain, silver and pewter. You can make a schedule of your cleaning maintenance to preserve the quality of your collection. 

Here are other websites to check on before deciding on where to buy your antique dollhouse furniture.

  1. Antique Toys and Dolls offers a wide range of antique collectibles that would surely add beauty and life to your dollhouse. Products include antique dollhouse dolls and accessories.
  2. Antik Haus Online is a good site for antique dollhouse collection. They have a variety of antique dollhouse furniture. From bedroom furniture to parlour sets, the site got it!
  3. Ruby Lane has over a thousand antique and vintage dollhouse miniatures from the mid 1800s through the mid1900s. You surely have tons of collectibles to choose from.

You may be investing big in purchasing any antique dollhouse miniature. But as an avid collector, what you invest is worth the beauty it gives to your own dollhouse collection. The more you invest on these things, the more your dollhouse looks realistic.


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