How To Buy Baby Furniture for a Small Nursery

First on the list of items you need for your coming bundle of joy is baby furniture for the nursery. If you have plenty of space, it is not a problem in deciding how much nursery furniture to get. But if you have limited space, then it takes creativity and careful planning and consideration to get only the essential furniture that will take up less room, can be used for other purposes, give you space to move and still provide comfort and lots of storage space for all the things that a baby needs. If you are in such a dilemma, here are some tips worth looking into.

  1. Measure the nursery room and make a floor plan that you can take with you when you go shopping for baby furniture.
  2. Consider a mini-crib that is the same as a full-sized crib except that it is smaller in size. Another option is a corner crib that can be placed in the often-unused corners of a room. Its unique shape will allow you to look at the baby from several angles.
  3. A crib and changer combo will take less space than when you buy separate items. Another option is a corner changing table to maximize your use of all available space. You can also look at crib-mounted changing tables that can be stored under the crib when not in use. A wall-mounted table can be folded and will not take up valuable floor space. There are also folding changing tables that you can store along the wall, or underneath the crib until needed. A tall dresser that has a changing table on top is another good idea. You can store baby’s clothes inside the dresser and drawers. The top will have built in hutches to hold baby essentials for changing. Choose one with the right height for you and your husband.
  4. Get some open bookshelves that you can mount on the walls. These can store baby books, toys and a very good storage space for diapers, baby power and other essentials. You can get plastic storage bins to separate the items. Mount the bookcases near the changing table for easy access.
  5. A folding TV tray can be used as a portable table to hold baby feeding supplies, bibs, burp cloths, and tissues. Place it beside the rocking chair when you are feeding your baby. The TV tray can be folded and stored until the next time you have to use it.
  6. A wooden rocking chair is a good alternative for a glider that takes up much room. It is narrower, the footstool can be stored under it and you can use blanket and pillows for padding and support. Just make sure that the one you will get is the correct height, curved to support your back with a long backrest to support your head and shoulders. The armrests should be long enough to support your arms. It should not be squeaky, too.
  7. The baby hamper is another essential item for the nursery. Look for a tall, lean on that will occupy less space beside the changing table. If you are really lacking in space, you can use a laundry bag that you can hang from pegs attached to the changing table.
  8. Get a toy bag instead of a toy box. Hang the bag on pegs attached to the wall to save on floor space. Consider using a stretchy toy net to store all those soft toys that a baby invariably accumulates. 
  9. Buy a floor lamp or one that is wall-mounted for minimal space use. Choose one that has variable setting so you can adjust the amount of illumination that you need.

There are many alternatives that you can get instead of regular nursery furniture to maximize floor space. Make use of the walls that otherwise under-utilized and add shelves that can have several uses. Shelves do not take up floor space and will prevent you from bending when trying to retrieve things on the floor.


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