How To Buy Bedding for a Twin Bed

Each part of your house has its own functions and designations. Your roof provides the much-needed security for your house. It shelters you from the weather and other external dangers that might affect you inside your house. Your kitchen is the place where you can satisfy all your gastronomic cravings. Meanwhile, your foyer or receiving area is the place where you can display your hospitality to your visitors. Lastly, if you want to enjoy some much-needed time of solitude and peaceful relaxation, you can turn to your own bedroom where you can cuddle yourself up and keep away from the noise of the outside world.

For single individuals who need a relatively big space for sleeping, a twin bed is an ideal size. It can comfortably fit one person, with some extra width, compared to a single bed. This is an appropriate size to use for children’s rooms, guest rooms, and any other room in the house in which only one occupant stays. Apart from the bed itself, you need to provide bedding, which should include pillowcases, sheets and blankets, for that most comfortable sleep.

Height. While a twin bed usually comes in a standard 39 x 75 inch dimensions, not all beds have the same height. The bedding must fit properly, so one good way to make sure bedding will fit is to choose beddings that have garters at the corners. Another benefit of this is that you can use this bedding to other beds whose sizes are not that far from the bed you are using, such as a single bed.

As an alternative to gartered corners, you can also purchase garter fasteners, which can be used for sheets that don’t fit perfectly. If you are unsure, ask the store clerk if you can return the beddings if they will not fit. The best way to make sure you have a good fit is to buy from the same bedding manufacturer. These will often cut their sheets the same size regardless of product line or model, so you can be sure of a consistent fit.

Design. Your choice of bedding to buy will be highly dependent to the person who will make use of it. If you are seeking to buy a bedding for your six-year old nephew, then beddings which have cartoon characters in them might be your primary options. You can buy beddings with cartoon characters. If you are buying for a teenager, then block colors might be good. Adults might prefer floral or striped designs.

Thread count. Another consideration when buying beddings would be thread count. A sheet’s thread count is the number of threads woven in a square inch of fabric. Not all beddings are made the same. Those with a higher thread count will have a softer feel than those with a lower thread count.

Package inclusions. Sheets can be sold individually, or they can be sold in a package. A so-called “bed in a bag” will include a flat sheet, fitted sheet, two pillow cases, and even a comforter. This complete package is ideal, because all the bedding will match. It’s usually cheaper to buy in packages, too.

Buying bedding is a personal choice by a home owner. Your bedding should not only fit your bed properly. It should also reflect your design and comfort choices. 


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