How To Buy Bromine for a Swimming Pool

Swimming can be a very enjoyable, pleasurable, and effective form of workout or leisure. However, if you are dipping into pool water that is not appropriately maintained or sanitized, your swimming regimen can rather cause eye, ear, nose, throat, and chest infections, allergies and other harmful effects on your body. To keep swimmers safe from any detrimental effects of pool water, chemical substances that sanitize water are crucial. The following are tips for purchasing bromine for your swimming pool.

  1. Determine the need to use bromine as water treatment for your swimming pool. Why do you need to use bromine when you can use the traditional substance employed in maintaining and disinfecting pool water? If you have been using chlorine for swimming pool maintenance, it is imperative to understand the advantages as well as the downsides of bromine prior to shifting to this product. Chlorine can make your swimming pool sanitized but it can also present several dangers. One immediate problem that can arise when using chlorine is the buildup of chloramines that produce sharp chlorine smell which can cause severe eye and skin irritation. The acidic odor of chlorine also gets unbearable as the concentration of chloramines increases. As an alternative, bromine is used to sanitize pool water as it eradicates pathogens like chlorine does. It prevents formation and growth of algae, bacteria, and odors. However, bromine produces bromamines, which do not have irritant qualities hence the substance is gentler on the eyes, skin, and hair. Bromamines do not emit the strong, unpleasant odor that is why bromine is becoming the more popular choice especially for indoor locations.
  2. Understand the importance of PH balance in your pool water. Knowing the right pool water chemistry is imperative to maintain safe and clean water for swimmers. The right PH balance will help you determine the appropriate amount of bromine you should use for the size of your swimming pool. Excessive concentrations of bromine in swimming pools can cause eye and mucous membrane irritation. Like chlorine, it can be dangerous for your health when used inappropriately.
  3. Purchase bromine from your local hardware or stores distributing swimming pool supplies. The most common available form of bromine and also the recommended sort for swimming pools is the tablet form. It dissolves slowly thus it needs to be properly and equally dispensed. When you use bromine tablet it is advisable to make use of a dispenser or feeder that will help you easily distribute the substance into the water. The bromine dispenser is usually available at the same store you are getting the bromine from.
  4. Find bromine tablets on the Internet. Bromine is usually more expensive than chlorine but if you do comparison shopping via the Internet prior to purchasing the product, you can surely find great deals. Online marketplaces have customer reviews and ratings you can refer to before going for the product so you can take time checking several brands of bromine tablets and compare prices.

Before using bromine, ensure that you understand the corresponding instructions on the label to secure the efficiency as well as safety of the product.


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