How To Buy Cheap Bamboo Blinds

Bamboo blinds look fabulous on wood. Whoever said that window shades are bland? If you have window coverings such as bamboo blinds, you hardly need additional wall decorations to make your room appealing. This kind of window covering is a popular choice, especially to those who want to convey an atmosphere of natural elements and comfort in the room.

While it looks very sophisticated, you can actually get cheap types of bamboo blinds.

  1. Create your own blind. This might seem daunting at first glance, but if you are actually aiming to save some cash, engage your hands and create your own blinds instead. All you need are the raw materials - the bamboo material with the shade of your choice, a roller to pull the blinds with when it's all held together and a moderately thick string that can help you weave the parts of your blinds together. However, this option may not be for you, so there are still other things you can do instead.
  2. Look for secondhand blinds. Inevitably, there is a person out there who has moved on to find another form of window covering and has his old bamboo blinds stuck in an obscure attic. The good thing is that there are many garage sales, secondhand stores, and next door neighbors that you can consult with regarding this particular matter.
  3. Wait for sales. Sales are the best ways to get brand new objects for cheaper prices. This only happens a few times a year. You might be thrilled to know that these sales in huge malls actually have a cycle. You don't need to really have super investigative powers to know when the next sale is coming up. You just need to take note of particular seasons where there are sales, and for as long as there are malls, there will always be sales to look forward to quarterly, annually or sometimes even monthly.
  4. Take advantage of discount offerings. Membership cards and other loyalty programs of stores provide incentives like rebates and special discounts in and out of the general sale season. Take advantage of those coupons that are handed to you. Find a nearby store that really values its long-term customers and subscribe to them so that you will get premium service and better rates for items like blinds over time.
  5. Choose the horizontal type. Vertical blinds are extremely demanding. They need to be custom-made to be able to match the dimensions of your window. If you are going for affordability, horizontal is the way to go.
  6. Go to the source. The ultimate way to get cheap bamboo blinds is to check out your industries in your area. You might just be living right next to a bamboo blind maker and not know it.


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