How To Buy Custom Desk Sets

Customizing your desk set creates an integrated look for your work environment and helps impress both your colleagues and clients. With the help of the Internet, looking for desk sets that come closest to your personality is easier than ever.

Here are tips for buying custom desk sets:

  • Decide on which desk accessories you need. While there are some desk items that you need, such as pens, note pad, and calendar, other accessories are expendable, like planners, picture frame, ink well and an envelope cutter. Not only will you saving on desk expenses, you can avoid wasting products that would otherwise be kept in the lower drawer of your desk.
  • Search through online specialty stores. Online stationery stores have a much larger selection of desk sets than their physical counterparts, and offer similar services as well, such as engraving. If the number of websites overwhelms you, search in message boards and social networks for recommended specialty stores in terms of variety of choices and ease of purchase. You can ask any questions about specific colors and designs to the personnel via email or through their phone lines.
  • Drop by a specialty office supplies shop. While it does have less desk sets in stock, a physical store will contain the actual sets that you can peruse and handle prior to purchase. Furthermore, the sales agent is right there to assist your purchase.
  • Visit the stationery section of a department store. Department store desk sets may just be limited to the popular selections, but you can get it for bargain prices. You can add a bit of customization by having it engraved by a sales clerk.
  • Buy different sets for your different desks. You may keep one desk in the office and another one at home, in which case, get desk sets that match each. Take pictures of your desks to assist you in matching the design, texture and color. If your desks have a marble finish or polished wooden exterior, a matching set will keep the office theme consistent.
  • Have the set engraved. One way to may a desk set personal is to have it engraved with your name and title. You can also add the name of your company. Another way is to have custom letterheads and logos for all your stationery. Look through the store's available templates for a design and typeface that appeals to you.
  • Maintain your store account. You may run out of supplies such as pen ink, envelopes and note paper, and your online store of choice will most likely be the only one to carry your brand of supply. If you consume certain kinds of supplies more than others, consider buying in bulk.

If you're buying a custom desk set as a gift, find out what the existing desk and interior decoration of the recipient looks like then get a set that closely match the design. You can also get a desk set based on the recipient's hobbies and interest, such as a golf- or art- themed set.


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