How To Buy Custom Stencils

There are a variety of projects you can do with stencils and the opportunity exists for a completely original outcome.  While most of us think of stencil use primarily on walls and in home or office décor, they can also be used on fabrics and even for cakes and confectionary.  And once you have a design you like, you can use it repeatedly in various ways.  Your own creativity is the only limit.

There are many already-designed stencils available both in craft shops and online.  However, if you want to design something original, there are also services available which will allow you to do that.  For example, suppose you want to stencil a favorite saying on one of your walls.  You can go online, pick out the lettering font you like, measure the area you want the saying to fit into and then submit a rough draft to the company.  Of course, you could cut the stencil yourself; but one of the advantages of using a commercial service is that (especially with lettering) there are some subtle ways to adjust the spacing which could mean the difference between the final product looking like an amateur job or like a professional piece of art.  Lowercase letters such as g, p and y drop down below the level line and can be hard for a non-professional to scale properly.  And, some letters require a wider width than others.  The company can scale the letter width and height so the saying fits perfectly within the dimensions you are giving them and the distance between letters is appropriate.  Once you send the company your first draft, they will then evaluate the order and send you an estimate of what the charge will be to custom make the stencil you desire.  If you are interested, you send them the order.  Prior to production, they will send you an email with the final proof for your approval.  If you okay the proof, it will be produced. 

Usually, stencils are made from 5 mil stencil plastic or acrylic.  If you are planning to use the stencil repeatedly, you may want to upgrade to 10 mil plastic so that it can withstand repeated washings without becoming damaged.

Likewise, you can order other kinds of custom designs and the price will depend upon the complexity and size of what is required.  Many commercial firms find this is a very good way for them to produce their logo or wording for various uses such as signage or wall décor.  The opportunity to re-use the stencils many times makes them very cost effective elements of interior design.


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