How To Buy Directly from Teak Furniture Manufacturer

Teak furniture is perhaps one of the priciest types of wood furniture. If you look at how durable this furniture is and how long it will be around your house (25 years at the least), you will no longer wonder why it is expensive. Take note that teak is no ordinary wood and is considered endangered in some countries where they are endemic. Aside from this, teak wood is so durable and can withstand elements outdoors, making it popular as garden furniture and ideal for outdoor dining.

Many people who want to get the best bargain when buying teak furniture usually go directly to the manufacturer’s warehouse where it sells at low wholesale prices, especially when there is an ongoing sale. So if you plan to make a purchase, you might do the same as most wood furniture lovers do.

Here are some tips that might assist you in buying teak furniture directly from the manufacturer:

  1. Learn about teak furniture. Search the net to gather information about types of teak wood, various teak furniture design as well as tips on care and maintenance.
  2. Visit as many websites of teak furniture manufacturers online and study their prices. Make a comparison not only of their prices but of the quality of the teak furniture too. In comparing, take note if the prices level up to the quality of the wood, the woodwork and design. Remember that quality goes with higher price hence don’t dwell so much on the discounts or you might find yourself being shortchanged in the end if the quality of the furniture does not meet your expectations.
  3. You may also find some online teak furniture shops where there is a page of frequently asked questions and their answers. Browse this section to get ideas on prices, transportation arrangements and warranties.
  4. If there are outlets in your area where you can shop for teak furniture, you might as well do your purchases there to economize on time, money and effort. It is easier to deal with local stores because you can refer back to them if you have any problems later on, following your purchase. However make it a point to ask the store manager where the teak furniture you are buying was made and from what place it originated. There are teak tree plantations that are specifically intended for commercial purposes. Better make sure the furniture you are buying came from a plantation and not from some virgin forests lest you will become indirectly involved in further endangering teak.
  5. If you plan to purchase more teak furniture in the future, plan to make a one time buy instead of buying one piece at a time so you can avail of wholesale discounts from the manufacturer.
  6. Have an eye for refurbished teak furniture. Some teak manufacturers go into buying, refurbishing and selling old wood furniture. You can inquire from the manager or manufacturer himself if there are any refurbished teaks in his shop. You will notice if a furniture piece is refurbished if its color has a bit of variation from the original honey color. Nevertheless, though the color is altered a bit, still the furniture is teak and you know every dollar you spent is worth it.


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