How To Buy Flex Crown Molding

Crown moldings are popularly used in homes for added aesthetic value. They provide ceilings and wall skirts with a certain solid look, giving any room a classy interior appearance. Crown moldings are customarily made of wood. However wood has become a bit pricey these days, thus flex crown moldings have become better options for home builders. If you are planning to renovate your home or to just add a little accent to a particular room, flex crown molding is a wise choice. Read the following suggestions to guide you when buying flex crown molding:

  1. Estimate the size of flex crown molding you need for the room by measuring the ceiling and floor areas from end to end. Give a few additional inches to the measurements to give room for trimming. Take special note of the edges and curves and give additional few inches to their actual measurements as well.
  2. Examine the overall design patterns of the woodwork and panels in the room to have an idea on what style of flex crown molding you need to buy. Be sure to buy moldings with designs that complement those of the existing fixtures in the room. However if you want to use moldings that don’t coordinate with the overall interior of the room, you might as well strip down some unsightly fixtures and replace them with ones that match the moldings you want to install.
  3. Visit home building stores in your locality and check out their available items and price lists. After visiting the stores, compare the prices and the quality of items on sale then pick the store that offers the best deal.
  4. Aside from personally visiting stores, you may also browse on websites for added resources. Find out what these websites have in store: and
  5. Since flex crown moldings come in many styles, you are assured of a wide range of options and it will not be hard for you to make a choice. Ask for catalogues from stores you visit and take time in examining the designs and patterns. If you can, bring a photo of the room where you will install the molding so you can visualize how to incorporate the molding in said room.
  6. There are flex crown moldings that are already pre-painted. If you prefer these types, make sure the color you pick will combine well with the color of the whole room. Some people prefer moldings in bright or dark colors to create a striking contrast with the color of the walls. This is a nice idea but nonetheless a bit risky hence it is best to ask the opinion of an experienced interior decorator.
  7. Some home improvements shops sell flex crown moldings at very cheap prices when you are buying them along with other items in the store. Be aware of these bonus offers by asking the sales clerks about their current sales perks and discount packages.

There are homeowners who will not settle for anything less than the traditional and expensive wood crown moldings. For them, deviating from the norm of using wood moldings speaks of lack of taste and may lower the value of their homes. However more people prefer flex crown moldings because they are practical and inexpensive. Besides, many homeowners claim that the type of moldings you use in your house will not necessarily affect the value of your property.  


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