How To Buy Floor Cushions

One way of providing additional seating in a room is by adding floor cushions. Not only do they have seating function, floor cushions can also make a room look cozy, warm and inviting. When not in use, they can be easily stacked in one corner to create more legroom in case you need more space to move about. Using floor cushions is also advised to those who are just starting to set up their own dwellings and don’t have enough budget yet to purchase couches and other furniture. In buying floor cushions, take note of the following reminders:

  1. Consider the size of the room and determine the shapes and sizes of floor cushions that will be appropriate for the given space. For a 9x9 square foot living area, medium sized pillows in regular shapes are ideal. You may also line the sidewalls with rounded and elongated pillows to provide support for your lower back.
  2. Decide for what purpose you will be using the floor cushions. If they are for aesthetic purpose alone, you may opt for slim 24x24 inches pillows that you can line in one spot of the room. On the other hand if the pillows are for seating and lounging purposes, choose large ones, particularly those that are stuffed with thick and firm but soft materials.
  3. Choose pillows with plain designs and neutral colors if your drapes have bold prints and colors. You may pick one dominant color from the drapes for the color of your pillows to create a themed color effect for the entire room. Incidentally, you may change the colors of the pillows by ordering pillow cases in various styles so you can vary the color and design motif of the whole living area anytime you feel like it.
  4. Washable floor cushions are the top choices in everyone’s list. Since they are just thrown around on the floor, the pillows will most likely catch dirt and dust very often. Hence buy those that come with labels that say they are machine washable and drier friendly items. Of course vacuum cleaners may help in getting rid of dust, but they cannot reach down to the innermost part of the pillows where mildew and mites may reside.
  5. Select floor cushions that have water repellant fabrics. These types of fabrics don’t easily absorb liquids and are also thick, durable and easy to dry clean. Cushions with openings and zippers are preferred because they easily slip in and out of their cases when cleaning is needed.
  6. Cushions that are too soft are not advisable to use for floors. Remember you are going to use the cushions for seating and lounging so you need some firmness beneath and behind you. When shopping for these items, sit on them first to determine if they have that firmness you are looking for in a pillow.
  7. Take note that floor cushions are not the same as the throw pillows you place on your couches and chairs. Chair cushions are smaller. Floor cushions should be bigger, and must have at least two to three feet diameter.

Although floor cushions are used as additional seating fixtures, they can never take the place of firm and well crafted chairs that properly support the back and spine. Floor cushions may be nice for occasional lounging but take care not to use them habitually as they may not be good for your posture. 


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