How To Buy Furniture on a Low Budget

Furnishing your home can be one of the most expensive investments when setting up your own dwelling. As your budget is almost drained with other priority expenditures such as rental deposits, mortgages and down payments, you start to worry that you do not have enough money anymore to spare for furniture shopping. But don’t lose heart, as there are many methods by which you can buy furniture on a low budget. Here are suggested ways:

  1. Consider shopping in garage sales. Some people in your neighborhood may decide to change their furnishings and put up their old furniture for sale at low prices. Read posted notices in your area as there might be a garage sale some blocks away where you can find the answer to your need. Take special note of these sales in summer and spring seasons when people make a thorough clean up of their homes and discard belongings that they have no more use of. Newspapers are also a good source of information about ongoing sales and auctions. However when buying used furniture check the items very carefully to make sure they do not have rips, tears and scratches that might need major repairs.
  2. Scan your area for thrift stores. Do not take thrift stores for granted because they might be selling things that will turn out to be real ‘treasures’ for you. Try to take time out to scan these stores near your place and you might be lucky to make purchases of small items such as couches, tables, lamps and other pieces that can gorgeously accessorize your furniture set. In case you do not find any article that suits your taste, you can leave your name and contact number with the sales clerks so they can get in touch with you in case they have new arrivals from their suppliers.
  3. Do your purchase in furniture shops that sell used or second hand furniture that are still in good condition. Sometimes, second hand furniture may be sold as is – with the defects, damage and all – and it is up for you to have them refurbished. Of course with this kind of deal, the furniture usually sells at lower prices. Used furniture is often sold with free items like bed and pillow covers and cushions.
  4. Contact charity groups in your community. These organizations are often the beneficiaries of donations from different philanthropic institutions. There are times when charity houses and churches receive more furniture than they actually need. These surplus furnishings are usually sold at low prices, or even given away to people with meager income.
  5. Search for nonprofit organizations on the internet. These groups usually engage in donation activities in which they receive and donate stuff in their localities. As there is a worldwide endeavor nowadays to preserve the environment and conserve land space by minimizing use of landfills, numerous groups worldwide now engage in material recovery projects. These projects aim to make maximum utility of used materials that are still good for reuse. The Freecycle Network is one of the most popular networks that engage in such activity. You may want to sign up in this website and avail of low cost furniture.

With the jacked up prices of all consumer products these days buying furniture on a low budget may pose difficulties. But if you are resourceful enough and really determined to score furnishings you can afford, you can still make a good purchase out of your limited resources.


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