How To Buy Gardening Shears

Gardening shears are a must in a gardener’s arsenal of tools.  Any serious gardener will tell you that there is no single pair of gardening shears that will do all the trimming tasks you need in your garden.  There are a variety of garden shears, and selecting the right kind will help you in this important task. 

Here is a compilation of tips on how to buy gardening shears:

  1. Learn about the different kinds of gardening shears and what they are used for. As was earlier mentioned, no single pair of gardening shears can do everything or you; hence the need to familiarize oneself with the different types of shears as the initial step. If you do at least a cursory online research, you will find that there are at least four types of gardening shears, namely: hedge trimmers, hand shears, pruning shears, lopping shears and pole pruners.
  2. Learn about the common tasks needed in a garden. These tasks include pruning and shaping the insides or outsides of hedges, lopping off small or larger branches from shrubs and trees, cutting dead leaves and flower stems from flowering plants.
  3. Identify what kind of trimming job you need to have done. The type of trimming job that needs to be done will determine what kind of gardening shears you should procure—again, no single pair of shears can do all kinds of trimming and gardening tasks for you. Do this by observing the condition of your garden and deciding what to do.
  4. Pick the right pair of gardening shears using your knowledge of their respective uses and your garden needs. Use hand shears with 4-inch blades to cut flower stems and leaves. Pruning shears combine a curved and a straight blade, which makes them perfect for pruning shrubs and branches up to an inch thick. Lopping shears on the other hand look just like a pair pruning shears only bigger and can cut branches up to 4 inches thick. Pole pruners have a long handle that allow you to reach high branches up to ten feet and the blades can be operated using a pulley contraption. Hedge trimmers have long straight blades that are perfect for shaping the outside portions of hedges.  Buy hedge trimmers containing serrated and overlapping blades to trim inside the hedges.
  5. Choose a pair of garden shears which are relatively light, and that you can handle securely. For instance, when buying a hedge shear, go for the ones with shock absorbing rubber between its blades. Light-weight lopping shears are a better option than the heavier variety because the heavy task involved could sure use a lighter blade.
  6. It is best to go to your local gardening center than making an online acquisition so you can get a feel of the product you will be buying. Best of all, you can have the staff help you in making the selection.
  7. In making your final choice, the pricier pair of garden shears is not necessarily the best.  Compare features and prices before forking out your hard-earned cash.

As you can see, learning how to buy gardening shears is a relatively easy task. The key is knowing what you will be using the shears for, trying out the product and asking for good old fashioned customer assistance before making that purchase.


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