How To Buy Herman Miller Personal Lighting

Herman Miller is a company that makes innovative designs for furniture and accessories to be used in homes and business office spaces. Their best selling and award winning designs make a distinct addition to any space, while at the same time taking into consideration its environmental impact.

If you’d like to have this piece of art in your home, a good way to start is to buy their personal lighting products. These lamps are designed by Herman Miller and Yves Behar. Here’s how to buy one.

  • Evaluate the space you want to buy the lamp for. These beautifully designed lamps can be used in a home office space, by the computer table or even as a bedside lamp. Make sure the design of the lamp will go harmonize with the rest of its surroundings. Keep in mind that Herman Miller personal lighting products look very sleek, minimal and modern, so it’s best for zen like spaces or homes with a clean, modern look. It may not go well in a space designed to look like a country home or French Baroque.
  • Review which style you like. There are three designs to choose from. There is the Ardea, the leaf and Flute personal light. All designs are inspired by the movement of things seen in nature. For example, the Ardea personal light is inspired by the heron, so it looks like a bird.
  • Choose the color. The lamps come in different colors, such as red, black and silver. Choose a color with the rest of your room décor in mind, so that it will blend in seamlessly with the rest of your home. If you want it to stand out, then pick red.
  • Prepare to invest in this lamp. Careful thought has gone into each Herman Miller creation, so it will be quite costly to have one piece in your home. For example, the Ardea personal lighting retails for about $379. However, you must keep in mind that the lamp is highly energy efficient and made of excellent quality, so it will eventually pay for itself as you use it throughout the years.
  • Go to the website. To help you visualize which lamp to get, you can check out the company website at Each design has its own page and you’ll learn about he designer and thought process behind the product. You’ll be able to see how it can work in your own space. When you’re ready to order, you can also buy directly from the site. You may also get a listing of stores that carry their products from the webiste.
  • Check out retailers. Simply fill in your zip code and the company website can direct you to the nearest store in your area that carries their products. You may also buy online at Amazon if you prefer.

Now that you have brought home your Herman Miller personal lighting, simply place it in the room and surface you want it in. Enjoy your latest accessory without the guilt! Whenever you use your lamp, know that it is mostly recyclable and that it uses significantly less energy that traditional lamps.


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