How To Buy Indoor Flowering Plants as a Gift

Gifting indoor flowering plants would be very thoughtful and practical. Any homeowner would love to receive them, as these plants will certainly be perfect as decorative ornaments for the home. To receive them would be much better than plastic flowers, which will eventually end up in the trash. It is also lovelier than common green houseplants. The flowers should add more color and improve the pretty factor of the house.  Aside from that, gifting indoor flowering plants would encourage green consciousness.

Before buying them to give as gifts, read through this guide on picking out indoor flowering plants properly:

  1. You should ideally have a set budget and know what types of plants to get. Flowering plants are prized differently. They can be as affordably low at $15 a piece, but larger plants can go up to $100. Also consider care and maintenance for the plant you plan on gifting. Should it require constant tending to? Will the person receiving it be thrilled about this or will this be an added chore for her? Most plants are usually low maintenance that's why they would make great presents. But just the same, knowing something about the species should factor into your choices.
  2. Check with your neighborhood nursery. It is better to buy from stores or flower shops that are accessible to you or the person you are giving the gift to, rather than choosing to buy indoor plants that come from hundreds of miles away. You run the risk killing the plant in the process of shipping or transport and that wouldn't be a wise investment.
  3. When you are checking out nurseries and plant shops, have someone who knows about plants come with you. This way, that person can tell you whether the plant you plan on getting is healthy or not. If you yourself are familiar with the signs yourself, then this shouldn't be a problem.
  4. Check whether the plant has been taken care of and groomed well. This way, you are assured that you are gifting something that is already of premium quality.
  5. Do check the buds of the plant. Since you want to give something that blooms, this is very essential. Pick the ones with plenty of buds, and think twice about those that are already in full bloom as the person you are gifting this to won't be able to enjoy it much longer.
  6. Until such time that you have to gift this plant, you will have to take care of it first. Make sure that it gets plenty of water and that the temperature of the room is ideal for it so that it won't die while in your care.
  7. When it is time to give the present, put it in a lovely pot or basket and not in the traditional pot that it usually comes with. It is important to pack or wrap this right to make the gift giving a lot more special. You can wrap the plant in cellophane temporarily to protect it.
  8. Put a big bow around the pot for the finishing touch.


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