How To Buy Kid's Garden Tools

Garden tools are very much available anywhere. But smaller versions, the type that actually fits so well with little children's hands and fingers, are harder to find. If you would like your child to participate in your gardening activities, she would have to have tools of her own so she can have the full experience. However, she might not enjoy this if she is left to use bigger tools that she cannot handle. If your child is about ten years old and above, then there are gardening tools that already fit her hands. But if you are gardening with someone as young as five, this may be a dilemma.

Finding garden tools for kids to use may be difficult, but still doable. Below are suggestions as to how you can go about it.

  1. To become involved in gardening, your child will need the following materials:  gloves, a rake, watering can and a trowel. Although each child may have different needs or may want different tools, these are the basic items that will be used all the time. There are still some other tools she can use but these four things are the ones she must always have with her when at the garden. You can search online, using a search engine like Google, for a store on the web that might carry a kid-size version of those tools. Use the keywords: "kid sized garden tools" for your search strings.
  2. You can also visit gardening forums and communities. Plenty of green-thumb enthusiasts are also parents and they may clue you in on where to get gardening tools for children. Or better, there may be sellers of these tools in the community itself and you can make your transactions with them. Joining niche communities like this should also help you with other information about teaching kids how to garden. You can get advices and tips that should help enhance and encourage your child to enjoy the experience.
  3. You can also opt to get plastic gardening toys at toyshops. This should be great for toddler's use or kids under five years old. However, take note that these toys may eventually wear out, chip and break and won't then be very useful for gardening. If you want your child to turn this into a serious hobby, then the toy tools would not work in the long run. But for play time and fun time, then this would definitely do.
  4. Check at specialty stores like a garden shop, a green house or a horticulturist. They may offer these specialized tools for kids for a good price. You can also check if they have an online store so that you can first browse the tools and look into the descriptions and functions carefully before making your purchase.

When you have found the tools for your child, also consider buying her a toolbox where she can store all of her items. This way, she can become responsible for her things and keep them orderly.


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