How To Buy Old Hotel Beds

With a hotel bed, five star sleeping experiences are within your easy reach. Instead of shelling out a lot of your hard earned money in checking in and out of the best hotels in town just to get a really luxurious night's sleep, you can opt to bring the hotel to your room-perhaps not the food and amenities but at least the feel of your bed. Of course, brand new hotel beds cost quite a fortune and old hotel beds are your next best and more affordable ticket to hotel comfort. Here are the ways you can buy old hotel beds:

  1. Go hotel hopping, if you can afford it. The most surefire way to get an old hotel bed is by hotel hopping. Check in and out of the hotels overnight to check the feel of their beds. An ocular may be a cheaper alternative, although very few top-rated hotels will actually allow you to get past the reception area if you are not really doing business with them.
  2. Set aside a budget for the old hotel beds. This is another very important consideration on your part. The brand new hotel beds from the Ritz costs around $1600. Other counterparts such as W Hotel bed by Simmons, Sheraton, Westin Heavenly Bed, Suite Dreams by Hilton and Kimpton's Mattress pretty much fall on the same price range as Ritz Carlton's bed. For add-ons and shipping fee, you will need more than that.
  3. Read reviews on different hotel beds. Although Oprah and Julia Roberts are the more vocal of celebrities who opened up the trend of buying hotel beds from the hotels, there are a lot of more detailed reviews online regarding different hotel beds.
  4. Know the best in the hotel bed brands available. The top hotels are usually known for their excellent service and bed furniture. They must be your first priority as a buyer before consider other alternatives.
  5. Check out offerings from hotel surplus outlets. Are you strapped for cash? One such example of a good hotel surplus outlet is Hotel Surplus Outlets online. They don't just provide you with hotel bed experience but also all the other hotel amenities that you may want in your home.
  6. Get a contract bed, or bed from third party vendors and compensate with a nice blanket and pillow set. Bed World and EC Plaza offer cheaper hotel beds for you. You can choose to compensate the cheap hotel bed by buying expensive pillows, blankets and a bed sheet with a very tasteful thread count.

In principle, hotel owners will not go as far as selling out too much hotel beds for the public because that will be detrimental to their long-term business. As such, the production of hotel beds is really lower compared to the standard beds being sold in the market today. Nonetheless, you can still have cheaper alternatives to having a hotel experience at home if you are resourceful and in the lookout for new designs of beds that promote comfort without excessive costs.


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