How To Buy Power Tools at a Pawn Shop

You can find almost anything at a pawn shop. Power tools, for instance, are available in pawn shops for a relatively small price. When shopping at pawn shops, however, caution must be observed. Although items at pawn shops are generally in good working condition, others may have problems in some of their functions. So to help you, here are some tips you can keep in mind if you decide to buy a power tool from a pawn shop.

  • Opt for a newer item. You have a wide array of options when shopping at a pawn shop. But be sure to buy an item that is relatively new. It most likely costs more, but it can better assure you of power performance. When you are shopping for an item, ask the sales assistant what year the item was made and how long its previous owner used it.
  • Test the item. Remember to always ask the sales assistant to plug the item in or put the battery on and run it for at least five minutes. Listen to how it sounds when running and see how it functions. If ever there are performance glitches, they should be minor and should not affect the overall performance of the power tool. But if the problem somewhat ruins the function of the tool, you better find another item to buy. Never purchase an item without first testing it. If the sales assistant refuses to run a test, take it as hint that the power tool is problematic.
  • Make sure there are no missing parts. Examine the power tool from side to side and top to bottom. It should be complete and have no damaged parts. The cords and plugs should work fine, the locking mechanism must really lock, and the screws and nuts should be properly attached. Also, remember to ask for the accessories that come with the power tool. These include charger, extra cords, case, and batteries.
  • Take note of the price. Keep in mind that some pawn shops pad the price quite excessively, leaving you penniless after the purchase. This is why it is recommended to first research on the price range of both brand new and secondhand items. If you know quite well how much an item should be, you will instantly know whether the power tool you intend to buy is way overpriced.
  • Avoid being easily floored. The common mistake people make when buying items from a pawn shop is that they take every word of the sales personnel as gospel truth. Remember that sales personnel are out to make a sale, and they are going to do that in whatever way they can. So remember to be extra discerning. Don’t take everything at face value and always filter the sales personnel’s words. This is not to say, however, that sales personnel are flatly dubious, but it is better to be extra cautious than being persuaded to buy a garbage.

Some power tools come with a warranty, so try to look for these items. If the pawn shop, however, does not grant warranty, make sure the power tool functions as good as new.


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