How To Buy Really Cheap Replacement Sofa Cushions

Over time your couch or sofa will get a lot of use, and because of this sofa cushions tend to look worn down, discolored and unbalanced. Since couches are quite expensive, many people look to buy replacement sofa cushions as opposed to purchasing a new or used couch. Due to the current economic crisis many people are looking for ways to save money and luckily there are great ways to save money on replacement cushions, but it can be difficult to find the best deals on replacement sofa cushions. This article will give you the step and hints needed in how to buy really cheap replacement sofa cushions.

The first way in how to buy really cheap replacement sofa cushions is to go to goodwill or a used furniture store. Often times people donate their sofas for tax deductions and goodwill acts as a broker to sell the sofa. Used furniture stores purchase furniture from individuals and often rehab it and resell it. Since their cost of furniture is much less, goodwill often provide the best deals, but they don’t spend any money to rehab the furniture. Be sure to make sure the pillows are the right size for your couch and that they are in good sanitary condition.

The next way in how to buy really cheap replacement sofa cushions is to check with the store where you purchased your sofa originally. Assuming your sofa is at least a few years old, the furniture store may have other sofas just like yours in storage. Since the furniture store has most likely taken your sofa off of the sales floor, they will often be willing to sell you just the new cushions without purchasing the whole couch. If your furniture store has a factory store nearby it would be worthwhile to check and see if they sell your couch there, in which case you should be able to negotiate a price for just the cushions. While you may spend more money with this strategy, it is beneficial because you know the cushions will be an exact match for your sofa.

Another hint in how to buy really cheap replacement sofa cushions is to make your own replacement sofa cushions. The benefit of making your own replacement sofa cushions are that it is the cheapest way to buy new cushions and it give you the opportunity to create your own pillow style which may not be available in stores. You can also copy designs of pillows which are sold in stores. To make your own sofa cushions, you will only need some fabric, stuffing, and a thread and needle. Cushions can be made in a matter of minutes and can probably be made for as little as $10 per pillow.


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