How To Buy Shaker Furniture

The Shakers are a religious sect that believe in a simplistic lifestyle. The group was most prestigious in the United States during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The group is nearly nonexistent today, but the style of furniture that they created lives on. The original pieces are highly valued and hard to locate. Buying original Shaker furniture pieces can be a challenge. The truly dedicated, ambitious consumer can acquire Shaker pieces if they are persistent in their search.

There is no bargain hunting when searching for Shaker furniture. The consumer must be willing to pay a higher price for an original Shaker furniture piece. Some original furniture, boxes, and baskets can be bought for approximately $600. These pieces will not be in top quality condition though. If the collector is looking for furniture in good condition, they can expect to pay into the thousands for a piece of Shaker furniture. Trestle tables, freestanding pieces, and tall clocks bring the highest prices. Some of these pieces can sell into the tens of thousands of dollars.

If it is in good condition, an authentic Shaker furniture piece will be more valuable if it has its original finish. Some of the more common colors of Shaker furniture include red, blue, green and yellow. The collector should always examine the piece and question the seller about the original finish of the item.

When the collector is shopping for Shaker furniture, they need to always investigate the authenticity of the piece of furniture that is being considered for purchase. Shaker furniture is known for its high quality workmanship. Some of the trademarks of this workmanship are the mortise joinery and the use of dovetailing in the furniture. Shaker furniture is known for its simplicity and unique design. The furniture style is known for not being constructed with screws, nails or braces. The high level of craftsmanship will be reflected in authentic Shaker furniture. The most sought after pieces of Shaker furniture were crafted from 1820 until 1860.

The collector may find it hard to locate authentic Shaker furniture. When hunting to buy Shaker furniture, estate sells and auctions can be a very good starting point. If possible, the shopper should arrive early and preview any potential Shaker pieces.

Antique stores could be an easier search, but this option could potentially be more expensive. The collector can visit antique stores individually or visit online websites. The shopper should beware of online purchases. The furniture piece has the potential to be misrepresented in the advertisement.

Buying authentic Shaker furniture can be a rewarding experience. The beautiful workmanship can complement any home. The owner of a piece of Shaker furniture does not just have furniture reflecting a high quality of craftsmanship but also a piece of history.


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