How To Buy Stucco Siding

Stucco is a good way to give a surface a new lease in life. Stucco siding is a finish of concrete that consists of horizontal or vertical scours that create a surface reminiscent of peaks and valleys. Most hardware stores would have a mixture of this ready to be applied on any concrete wall. It’s just like paint, but of course, it has bits of concrete and sometimes there are things mixed in like a few pebbles.

Here’s how you buy stucco siding.

The first thing you have to do is to measure the amount of wall that needs to be covered by the stucco. You have to know the exact amount of square footage that would need to be covered by the material. You may do this by using a measuring tape and measuring all the dimensions of the wall. You may use the well known geometric formulas for simple quadrilaterals, squares, rectangles and trapezoids if you have some unconventional shapes on your walls. You may also use the plans of the house to see the exact dimensions of the walls.

You will then have to choose the type of finish that you want to have for your stucco surface. The material that is mixed in with the stucco is the thing that dictates the finish of the stucco. Those that have fine sand mixed in would have a finer finish while those with bigger grains and pebbles would have a coarser finish.

Traditional stucco is great because it isn’t prone to cracking. It is made in such a way that the changes in temperature don’t really affect the integrity of the material.

Another type of stucco also has an added bonus of being an insulator. Such a material would keep the warmth inside the room. This would be perfect during the long winter nights.

Be very careful when buying the stucco mixture. Different manufactures would mix stucco quite dissimilarly. Always check the amount of stucco that you have per package and see how much area it is expected to cover. You will often find that these packages may have similar weights but have different levels of coverage.

If you’re still confused with all the choices that you have, you may always ask your hardware store attendant to help you with your stucco questions. These people are more than qualified to give you authoritative information on the matter.

Stucco may have been around for a while now but it is such as timeless look. You can’t really go wrong with it and there is a lot of ways to change it up. It carries an attitude and a finger print that is very unique since no two walls are ever alike – it all depends on how the grains line on the wall. It’s a good thing that it’s quite easy to select the stucco finish of your choice and it’s also easy to buy it from your corner hardware store.


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