How To Buy Swimming Pool Tiles

Swimming pools are one of the few things in this world that rarely gives you bad images or memories. Swimming pools are always associated to free spirited fun and enjoyment for you, your friends and your family. No matter what shape, place, or size, the cool water and the splashes are what one will always regard as the important part of a swimming pool. It is easy to forget that swimming pool tiles are also integral to making your pool enjoyable.

Swimming pool tiles are used to decorate the pool floors but more importantly, tiles keep swimmers safe. Swimming pool tiles come in different shapes and forms like mosaic, glass, gloss and stone style. So, if you are creating a swimming pool make sure that you get the right set of tiles that suites your taste and keeps you safe. Here are some tips on how to buy swimming pool tiles.

  • Tools for the tiles. Shopping for swimming pool tiles can be much easier if you have the right tools to help you out. Here are some things that will help you out: A calculator, notebook to put price quotes, manufacturer's brochures, and online connection for thorough research.
  • Look at the style pile. Never just walk in a swimming pool shop and let your heart pick out the tile you want. Have a vision of how you like your pool to look. Then draw it if you can. For reference of what style suits your taste go online and browse. You can also window shop to know what to get.
  • Quality or casualty. Now that you have a look in mind. It is time to consider the quality. Never choose tiles that are not pool-grade. Non pool-grade tiles crack and break when they are exposed to pool water and the cleaning chemicals. Most pool-grade tiles are made from ceramic. It is a big factor that style and quality should go together. If not, you will either end up with a good-looking dump or a boring pool.
  • Frost bites, literally. And when you have decided on the look and the make it is now time to check if your tiles of choice are frost proof. Tiles that are not frost proof have the tendency to break, crack, or detach from the flooring. Frost proof tiles have the consistency and durability to survive the toughest of snowstorms. Nobody would like to have a swimming pool that last for only one winter season.
  • Stick it good. Having a stylish, durable and frost proof tile is not the end of the buying process. You must now hunt for the perfect waterproof cement or grout. The job of the waterproof cement is to hold your tiles in place despite of the constant battering of the pools water or the snow's weathering. Waterproof cements are strong enough to withstand this without breaking or even cracking.
  • Know your rights. As a consumer, it is your right to get the full benefits of the product that you have purchased. So when buying your tiles and cement ask for the warranty. Ask for how long the warranty lasts or what is the coverage. In some cases, the quality of the warranty is also a major deciding factor in purchasing swimming pool tiles.

Enjoying your swimming pool does not end in the cool water or the splashes. It is also such a delight to dive and see a nice set of durable tiles for your feet to walk on.


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