How To Buy the Perfect Rosebush

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Sugarplums are Sweet—and then they wilt. If your green thumb has deserted you a long time ago and your garden is bereft of the beauty, scent, and velvety softness of a rosebush, why, start all over again! There’s plenty of rosebush to go around until you master the art it takes to grow the perfect rosebush garden. You don’t have to be very keen about rose varieties you just need to match the passion of a rosebush in full bloom. Unless you’re allergic to pollen, there’s no reason for you to put a halt on seeing the world through rose-colored glasses.

It begins with the selection and buying process. Here are some insightful tips for your consideration:

  1. The best time to buy rosebushes for growing is during the last dregs of fall until the beginning of spring. Choose what rose-lovers call bare-root roses that are nipped in the bud and leafless. This type should be upright, definitely healthy-looking with no black spots. This is the best one for planting and is easy on the pocket, too.
  2. Inspect your garden and see if this gets lots of sun exposure. Rosebushes love the sun and they need to soak in it for a long period of time, no less than 6 hours daily! Yes, them Rosebushes love to laze under the hot sun!
  3. Make use of the broad reach of the Internet to look for the best places to order your bare-root rosebush. You can also scour magazine racks or catalogs in search of this kind.
  4. If are not sold on the idea of buying young rosebushes, you can opt for more mature rosebushes planted in containers. The advantage of going for this type of rosebushes is that you can simply line these up in your garden or assemble these however you like but not too close together. Rosebushes thrive well in open spaces so absolutely no crowding is welcome. However, this will cost a bit more than bare-root rosebush. A word of caution however before you buy these, take the rosebushes out of the container, and inspect the soil and root for any sign of trouble spots. The soil should be earthen-red and packed closely while the rosebush’s roots should look white and free of discoloration and clingy mildew.
  5. Jump in and smell the rosebushes. Your sense of smell and sight won’t fail you. One visit to a nearby flower nursery will have you taking home a close- to-perfect rosebush in no time!
  6. Don’t hesitate to ask around your neighborhood for somebody with a green thumb like a gardener or a hobbyist. You can be sure they won’t hold back on any information that can get you moving along the path to the perfect rosebush. Be a sucker for information but come prepared. Ask him about the connection between weather changes and growing a rosebush, the variety that thrives best no matter the weather or season, the variety that is mostly low-maintenance but doesn’t take away from its beauty and color, the variety that has the most resistance to disease, and other important stuff that you need to know.
  7. If there’s a local chapter of the American Rose Society in your area, go right ahead and enlist for membership.

Finally, you may think that the perfect rosebush exists but really, it is your idea and ideal of the perfect rosebush that will make it perfect in the end. As William Shakespeare said “What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”


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