How To Buy the Right Wallpaper

Wallpaper sometimes becomes the center of conversation at parties when people run out of witty things to say, so why not make it a point to have amazing wallpaper that people can sincerely exclaim upon when they come ‘round your home for a party? They’ll say you’re not only a consummate host but a budding designer as well judging by your fine taste in designing your home. Wouldn’t that be something? You know it’s a combination of flair, creativity, and choosing the right wallpaper. Then one of your guests decides to ask you just that and her question is right below:

How do you buy the right wallpaper?

  1. Take a look around your home. Go from room to room, and visualize the kind of remodeling that you’re aiming for. If you don’t have an interior designer on retainer or do not have plans of consulting one at all, don’t worry. There are countless home improvement magazines that can give you inspiration. Good Housekeeping and This Old House are great sources of tips and DIY information. You can label the pages you like on these magazines for use later.
  2. Get a sketch pad and draw what you see in your mind. Even stick drawings will do. What is important is that you can transfer what you see in your mind to paper. Make notes a well. Think of this as your personal diary for home improvement.
  3. Measure height and width and write these down, too.
  4. With your sketch pad and magazines in hand, go to your favorite home improvement or home supplies store and consult their in-house specialists about your project.
  5. Take home sample swatches, temporarily stick the swatches on the wall where you plan to have your wallpaper, and take pictures of it.
  6. Take the pictures back to the store for further consultation then decide which design and material to go with.
  7. Set aside a budget for this project. Wallpaper made of paper, vinyl, fabric, or combination of all three retails from $9/roll upwards. The most you will pay per roll is $90
  8. It’s all about design and material. What you will end up choosing should match the color scheme of the room or rooms in your home. These should not clash. Think complementary and beautification. Pastel colors, sunny colors, elegant colors, all these will depend on your preference. The range of materials is at your disposal. There’s paper, vinyl, fabric, mixed vinyl and fabric or whatever combo you like.
  9. The wallpaper you’ll choose should be easy to maintain and clean.
  10. Stock up on what will finish the job. Buy wholesale. If you buy a limited roll it might not be enough and you might not be able to get the same stock later on when you have to buy more. Use your measurements to make sure you have the entire wallpaper to cover this area. It will also make it easier for you budget-wise since you are protected from price fluctuations.

Make sure the colors won’t fade or coat your walls, especially if you’re planning to wallpaper your bathroom where it’s bound to be damp all the time.


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