How To Buy Tropical and Exotic Flowers

Can you imagine this world without the heady scent and beauty of all kinds of flowers? Oh what deprivation if this planet was devoid of such amazing creations from The Almighty’s Hand! It doesn’t get any better either than when it comes to tropical and exotic flowers. Roses, Carnations, and Violets are great flowers to have around the house but you can go for a wider variety of tropical and exotic flowers that can last up to a couple of weeks when properly hydrated in a vase.

Don’t be reticent about buying tropical and exotic flowers, they are surprisingly easy to take care of and even buds grow out of the ones that die out.

Here’s how to buy tropical and exotic flowers:

  1. Lilies, Birds of Paradise, Anhuriums, Heliconias, Alpinias, Begonias, Delphinium, Bitter Gourd, Alpine Asters, Jacarandas, Calatheas, Bottlebrushes, Cattleyas, Cosmos, Hibiscuses, and Tulips are just a handful of flowers that are versatile, aren’t run of the mill, and are available at any flower shop in your location. When your purpose is to buy flowers for home ornaments, table centerpieces, or simply celebrating couplehood, then buy these kinds of flowers. You can choose to have these as accent pieces to a bouquet of red roses, too. If you live in Hawaii, you’re very blessed because you have an abundance of fresh cut-flowers that you can buy anytime you want.
  2. If you’re buying tropical and exotic flowers for a huge event like a wedding or a somber gathering for a funeral, do not order online. Go to a flower farm or a florist and specify what you will need. They are experts and can give you valuable advice about the kind of tropical and exotic flower varieties that will fit the occasion specified.
  3. If you are buying tropical and exotic flowers for the purpose of making a business out of it, then it’s time to count on a horticulturist/consultant. You may have the experience but it always pays to partner with someone who can run you through the whole process of selecting, planting, growing, harvesting, and marketing. offers free horticultural consultation with orders reaching a minimum flower purchase of $8,000 but you will have to shoulder the travel and daily living expenses of the consultant. You may also choose to just hire a consultant without ordering but the fee for this starts at $4,000.
  4. If you’re after variety and want tropical and exotic flowers from around the world for business or personal aesthetics, you can get in touch with This company from Oceanside, California has a wide list of clients from the United State, Canada, and Japan that they have dealt with over the years.
  5. Get a magazine subscription to keep abreast on horticultural news. Tropical Treasures and Horticulture magazine are some of those you might want to get on a regular or quarterly basis.

Flowers should be a daily staple at home or at work, without it, life would be a lot less colorful and utterly unromantic. 


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