How To Buy Various Types of Caster Wheels

Furniture caster wheels

A caster wheel (spelled castor in other cases) is a type of wheel that is attached to an object to make movement easier. Supermarket shopping carts are perhaps the most common things using caster wheels. Such wheels are also used in office chairs, materials handling equipment, dollies and wheelchairs. Caster wheels work best on flat and smooth surfaces like those found in supermarkets.

Caster wheels can be categorized into different types depending on the material used and type of wheel. Here are some of the classifications:

According to material used:

  1. Rubber caster wheel
  2. Plastic caster wheel
  3. Nylon caster wheel
  4. Aluminum caster wheel
  5. Stainless steel caster wheel

 According to application:

  1. Swivel caster wheel
  2. Chair caster wheel
  3. Furniture caster wheel
  4. Pneumatic caster wheel

If you are very much into do-it-yourself home projects, you can add caster wheels to your old furniture or your new wood projects. You can buy caster wheels in hardware stores, do-it-yourself centers, and online sellers. Here are some of them.

  1. Lowes -- You can buy caster wheels online or in their stores. If you are not comfortable with making a purchase online, you can use the web site to find out whether the caster wheel of your choice is available in your area. Just type in your zip code and the system will look it up for you. The only downside to buying caster wheels from Lowe's is that you do not have a wide range of choices. You can find caster wheels as cheap as $1.56 a piece.
  2. Caster City -- If you need more information on different types of casters and how you can use them check out Caster City. The site carries a pretty good range of casters, including furniture casters for hardwood floors, casters for carpets and tiles, total locking casters, and high performance casters. Aside from standard products, the site also sells special casters for every application possible, including  door casters, bakery casters, and hospital casters. One notable feature of the site is the compatibility charts for wheels and floors. This is a very useful tool for woodworkers.
  3. Ace Hardware -- This popular hardware store carries an in-house brand of caster wheels, which are generally cheaper than the other commercial brands it carries, including Shepherd and Apex. The cheapest caster wheel costs around $4.49 while the most expensive costs around $14.99. All items ordered from the hardware's web site can be shipped for free to the Ace Hardware store near you. Just like in Lowes, this store does not carry a wide range of caster wheels. However, as of this writing, it carries more models than Lowes.
  4. DoItBest  -- Self proclaimed as the world's largest hardware store, DoItBest carries a large inventory of caster wheels of every type imaginable. If you shop from the hardware store's web site, you can easily sort product items by price range which is most useful if you are shopping within a budget. You can also sort products by brand which is good if you are a brand-conscious shopper.


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