How To Buy Wind Spinners

Along with wind chimes, wind spinners are a great addition to your garden. These decorative whirligigs add variety, color, and movement through hours of enjoyment as they move and rotate in the breeze. And because they come in various designs, colors and shapes, you can choose colors and designs to match you garden theme.

The wind spinner adopted the technology of making windmills where the blades are angled to get the maximum advantage of catching the wind to make it move. Think of the paper pinwheels that you use to make as a child.

Wind spinners are called by different names. They can be just plain spinners, or a twirler, or a whirligig. Some call them wind twisters or wind dancers.

Here are some tips to help you if you want to buy this interesting product.

  1. Decide where you want to place and use the wind spinners. They come in a variety of designs (some can even be custom-made), colors, shapes, length and materials.
  2. Those made of plastic and colorful fabrics and ribbons from China are ideally suited for summer parties and indoor use. They may also not last that long but will still provide you with lots of enjoyment.
  3. If you want wood helix spinners, choose those that are made from redwood and cedar since these woods are hardy. The wood pieces should have rounded edges and coated with weatherproofing sealant.
  4. Some spinners combine different materials that can add more aesthetic, visual and therapeutic appeal, like those that come with crystals and wind chimes. The crystals give off a different set of colors when they catch and reflect the sunshine and the wind chimes provide a Zen-like atmosphere with its tinkling sound, adding a tune as the wind spinner moves. The sound can actually help you to relax and relieve your stress. These types are ideal for patios and sunny spots in your garden.
  5. Choose designs and colors that you can place strategically in certain areas in your garden to draw people’s attention – maybe to your collection of rare blooms or favorite garden spots.
  6. Copper spinners are also available. They add a different appeal to a garden or a location with its wonderful color. Ensure that they are made of solid copper sheets, polished to a high-gloss shine and clear-coated for durability and weatherproofing.
  7. Some spinners claim to be made from stainless steel but are actually made from cold rolled steel that are powder coated for a glossy painted finish. You can check this by putting a magnet over the wind spinner. If it sticks, then the wind spinner is made from steel.
  8. For long lasting wind spinners that are rust- and weather- proof, choose those that are made from stainless steel and laser cut for a smooth, clean edge. These are also powder coated in a kaleidoscope of bright and shiny paint colors. Again you can use a magnet test to check. A magnet will not stick to stainless steel.

Whatever type of wind spinner you end up with, do give it some attention and proper care to make them last longer. Wipe the parts clean to maintain gloss and shine, dust or even wash the fabric ones and add a squirt of oil to the swivel to keep it moving smoothly. Check too if the swivel needs replacing.


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