How To Calculate the Cost of Carpet

Getting carpeting for your home or office is a great way to add comfort and a homey feel to rooms. Carpets, however, can be very expensive to purchase and maintain. To assess whether you have the budget for installing carpets in the house, here are the steps to computing for the cost of a carpet yourself.

Get the square footage. Begin by taking a measuring tape and getting the measurements for the room. Generally, you should take the length and the width of the room. Once you have the measurements, the next step is to take the square footage for the room. The square footage is the number of square feet in the room, and will dictate the length of carpet that you will need. To get the square footage, simply multiply the length by the width of the room, if the room is a simple rectangle in shape. If, however, you have a room that has a complex shape, one of the techniques for getting the square footage is by sectioning the parts into squares and triangles. Get the square footage for a triangle by multiplying the base with the height of the triangle, and dividing the figure by two. Once you have the square footage for the particular sections, you can add these up to get the total square footage for the room.

Measure again. Afterwards, it is best to measure the area of the room again, just to be sure. This is especially important if you have measured a complexly shaped room, which can be very difficult to measure.

Carpet price. Once you have the square footage for the room, the next step is for you to get the carpet price. The carpet price is usually available per foot. You can visit the local design shops for a variety of carpet designs that will match the room and the atmosphere that you want the room to have. Or, you can also log on to the web and get price quotes from online carpet sellers.

Multiply. Once you have the square footage for the room where the carpeting will be installed, the next step is for you to multiply the square footage with the carpet price. This should give you an idea of how much you will spend for the carpeting. You should add five percent to the square footage, however, to give you a buffer zone in case your calculations have been erroneous. To do this, multiply the square footage by 1.05.

Sales tax and other expenses. There are other expenses that you will need to consider when computing for the cost of installing a carpet. One of these is the sales tax, which will usually apply to carpeting. If the sales tax is seven percent, for example, you will need to move the decimal point to the left by two places and use this digit as the multiplier for the total cost of the carpet.  If you will hire professionals to install the carpet, you also need to compute for the price of labor.

Carpets may seem expensive at first, but for many people, these are worthy investments that make a house more of a home. Through these steps, assessing how you can fit the carpeting into your budget is possible when you start by calculating the costs.


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