How To Calculate Yardage for Curtains

Calculating curtain yardage is important to understand if you are planning to engage in a do-it-yourself interior design project at home. More than just sewing, it is equally important that you know what it takes to make smart and accurate measurement when it comes this particular project that you will be working on. Below are simple tips and steps to help guide you through the process of effective calculation of yardage for your home curtains.

Tip for starters. A good time that you can follow initially is to identify the rod that you will be using for your window. It will come in handy to have the rod of your choice installed already to the window. This will help you work on a smart approximation of the measurements that you will be taking for your curtain project. If the rod is not readily installed then it is best that you imagine the kind of rod you will be using at least in order to arrive at a good guess.

Prepare your tools. If the rod is ready, then the better. Prepare a notebook, a pencil and a measuring tape to help you through the process of yardage calculation.

Start measuring. Using your tape measure, take note of both the height and the width of the window in reference to the curtain rod. The width will be easy to measure as this will simply follow the measurement of your window pane or rod. As for the height, measure it from the curtain rod going down. Make sure that the length covers the windows so it does not end up too short, so leave a few inches to where the curtain will end. Making it longer will be up to you.  Add two to four inches on top of your measurement for the hem both the top and the bottom of the curtain.

Compute for the number of yards. The measurement that you arrived with should be divided by 36 as there are 36 inches in a yard.  Measurements should be rounded up by one fourth (1/4).

Determine fullness of curtain.  A general rule to follow when it comes to fullness is going twice as wide. If you are working on fabrics that are sheer, you can work up to thrice as wide and for those that are thick; going one and a half wide is good enough. Simply multiply the inches with your desired fullness.

Determine the number of panels. Use the measurements that you have arrived with and divide them with the number of panels you choose to work on for the project. Take note to add a few inches again for the hem.

Compute again for the number of yardage. Using the figure you arrived with, you want to divide this again to get the number of yardage you will need for the curtain. This applies to the number of fabrics that you will be working on to complete your project. Do the same process for each fabric you are working on.

Computing for curtain yardage is relatively easy. This will really depend on the style that you would like to create for your window. This is why it is important to think about the look first then measuring will come in easy. Extra inches can be further added when you need to work on tiebacks or other accessories as inclusion to your design.


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