How To Care for a Laminate Floor

Homeowners have many choices when it comes to the flooring of their homes.  One such choice is laminate floor.  Many choose this type of flooring because it is very easy to install compared to hardwood floors.  Apart from this, laminate floor is very durable and comes in a wide array of colors and patterns.  You can easily match it to your walls or décor.  This affordable type of floor has another great feature; it is easy to maintain.

To ensure that your laminate floor stays beautiful each season, follow some of the tips below.

  • Read the care instructions that came with the laminate floor.  Manufacturers provide details on how to clean and maintain their brand of laminate floor right after installation.  Some brands of laminate floor require that you don't mop the floor for at least 2 days post-installation.  Make sure that your laminate floor comes with a warranty just in case any problems develop during and after installation.
  • Vacuum the floor when necessary.  Much of the dirt and debris can easily be removed by your trusted vacuum cleaner.  If you don't have a vacuum cleaner, use a soft broom (never a hard one) in sweeping away the dirt.  You can also use a swifter kind of floor cleaner.
  • Mop the laminate floor with a damp mop.  Never use a very wet mop or wet the laminate floor too much.  Water can seep under the floor as well as into the baseboards and cracks.  Then you will end up with unnecessary water damage.    Make sure to wring the mop well before using it on the laminate floor.  In case water or any other liquid is spilled onto the floor by accident, immediately get a dry rag or mop and absorb as much of the water as you can.
  • Never apply acrylic floor finishes or wax (liquid or paste) to laminate floor.  These are only used for hard floors.
  • Remove stains with a manufacturer recommended product.  Read the laminate floor literature to find out what are acceptable stain-removal products.  Normally, most manufacturers suggest using acetone to remove any spilt nail polish or cigarette burns on the laminate floor.  Mineral spirits are used to remove tar and grease.
  • Place doormats in front of doorways that lead to the garage, garden, front of the house and other outside areas.  The doormats are used to trap dirt, grit, pebbles and other items that you or your family members may have on the soles of your shoes.  Dirt and grit can scratch the surface of your laminate floor.  You can also place mats in front of the sink and the refrigerator where water spills often occur.
  • Use self-stick felt rounds or squares to cover the bottom of the chair, table and other heavy furniture.  This will allow the furniture to slide over the floor instead of scrape over it preventing scratches from forming. You can cut the felt into the exact shape of the bottom of the furniture to make an exact fit.
  • Buy a manufacturer approved laminate floor cleaner.  You'll need this when it is time to thoroughly clean your laminate floor.  All you need to do is vacuum any dirt off the floor then lightly spray the floor with the cleaner.  Buff the laminate floor with a mop or terry cloth rag.

Laminate floors are an inexpensive yet easy to install and maintain flooring option.  It doesn't take much effort to clean laminate floors.  Just follow the tips above and you can surely enjoy your laminate floor for many years to come.


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