How To Care for a Tiger Lily Flower

Tiger Lilies are like the stars and the sky—only few appreciate their beauty because they grow anywhere with almost no effort. But if you stop and look at this freckled flower for awhile, you’ll realize how beautiful this wild flower is. Although considered by many as a wild flower, Tiger Lily is still a flower—in need of gentle care to grow more beautifully.

That is why more and more people are adding Tiger Lilies in their garden. Aside from being easy to take care of, these flowers are also cheap that you can almost get them for free. If you already have one, here are some tips to properly take care of your Tiger Lily:

  • Planting. Tiger Lilies can grow in almost any type of soil. But the most ideal for these flowers is a very moist soil. When planting, make sure you leave at least a foot distance between each Tiger Lily. This distance is enough for each flower to get nutrients from the soil. This is also perfect when all the flowers start to produce more flowers. Take note also of the season when planning to plant Tiger Lilies. The most ideal is in either fall or spring.
  • Winter. Tiger Lilies undergo hibernation during winter. That is why you can’t see the flowers grow—and don’t expect to. Unlike other flowers, Tiger Lilies don’t need any winter protection. They may not be visible but don’t worry because the beautiful lilies will grow again after the winter. They have their own cycle and they’ll always come back every year to showcase their beauty.
  • Fertilizer. Tiger Lily is a wild flower and it can grow on its own without using any chemical or organic fertilizer. So there is no need to use fertilizer when growing these lilies, though it’s better to use organic fertilizers.
  • Pesticide. It’s rare for Tiger Lilies to be infested. But when the flower starts to have insect problems, you can always spray some pesticides or insecticides on the flowers and the entire plant.
  • Sunshine. Most lilies love the sun and they become more beautiful under the sun. Tiger Lilies love sunshine, too. They love it too much that they become even more beautiful when left under the sun for at least six hours every day. You’ll notice the Tiger Lily flowers grow tall and open up for a great display. The sunshine keeps the flower’s bright colors as well.
  • Watering. Water the soil around Tiger Lily at least once every week. Check the plant if its soil is already dry and if it is, you should water it immediately. The rule of the thumb here is to keep the soil moist since this is the perfect type of soil for the Tiger Lilies.
  • Precautions. In some Asian countries and Columbia, Tiger Lily’s bulb, leaves, and stems are used in culinary arts. But the flower’s pollen is poisonous, especially for the cats.

You can try not to take care of a Tiger Lily flower and you’ll see, it will still be beautiful. But taking care of this wild flower is much better if you want to see it in its more beautiful and healthier form.


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