How To Care for an Areca Palm Tree

The Areca palm plant, which is actually a tree and is known by its scientific name, Chrysalidocarpus lutescen, is a fabulous green option to have indoors whether in your home or in your office.  This is because of the many trunks that sprout lovely and green fan-like fronds.  While this plant is aesthetically perfect, it can only serve its purpose with enough tender loving care.  Water, sunlight, soil, and all the other needs of any other plant will be involved but since this plant is designed for indoor decoration, you will need to know the right amounts and dosages.  Here are some worthwhile tips that you can do to care for your Areca palm tree.

  • Purchasing the tree.  When picking out the Areca palm plant or tree to go with, it is important that you know what to look for and where.  Visit you local garden and plant supply store and check out the various options they have available.  When inspecting the plant, take note of the leaves.  If there are dark spots or damage caused by insects then consider looking elsewhere.  Furthermore, always check if the tree you are getting is sturdy and youthful.  The best specimen to get is one that has strong trunks, green leaves with a hint of yellow, and with young fronds sprouting from the trunks below.  Make sure the plant is standing straight up.  If the trunks have bends or is slightly misdirected, then it may not be healthy.
  • Select the location.  The Areca palm tree can be placed indoors provided that there is ample sunlight seeping through and hitting the plant at certain times of the day.  Technically, this type of plant needs about 5 hours of sunlight a day however, they do not need to get hit directly.  Hence, the best locations to place your tree are near windows and doors.  Lighting is important here as this will help ensure that your tree maintains perfect health all throughout the seasons.  Now, it is not highly recommended to place the plant somewhere where it will get constant and direct exposure to the sun as this will only turn the desirable green leaves into yellow and maybe even brown.  Look for a location with perfect balance.
  • Water it daily.  Moisture is key when it comes to rearing your Areca palm plant.  This being said, it is imperative that you water the plant every single day.  Make sure that the soil and leaves are constantly moist.  Never leave it to dry out as this will change the color of the leaves to brown in no time.  However, make sure not to overwater it either.  A perfect balance when watering is needed.  Daily watering but not too much.
  • Add fertilizer.  2 to 3 times a year is the perfect dosage of fertilizer for this kind of plant.  Adding the fertilizer in once in awhile will keep the soil healthy and full of nutrition which will assist your tree in maintaining its health and green image.  This will prevent the roots from rotting as well.  It is highly recommended to mix the soil during these times as well with ingredients such as peat moss, loam, and sand.

Following these tips to the letter will ensure your Areca palm tree will outlive you and even in its later stages, it will still beautify any room or indoor area not to mention, provide ample breathable area in the enclosed space.


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