How To Care for Garden Equipment

Keep your lawn and garden equipment in good condition so that you can have them for years. Protection and care are all they need so it will not give you a headache when you use them.

  • Before storing your garden equipment and tools for the next use, take time to clean them thoroughly with soap and water. Sponge and scrub them so that they will really be cleaned. These are your weed whackers, hand tools, lawn mowers and other equipment. After cleaning, let them dry in air or hand-dry them. Keep them in a room where they will not be exposed so that rain and snow will not cause rust and corrosion.
  • Inspect hand tools for broken handles, dull blades, or rust. Broken handles must be repaired or replaced. Dull blades must be sharpened so that they can be used at once. Clean rust with sandpapers and apply a light coating of oil on bar parts. Wooden handles may be repainted.
  • After cleaning, re-oil all moving parts of power equipment. The oil filter must also be cleaned; spark plugs and worn wires must be replaced. This will prevent rust, which dulls the equipment. Lawnmower blades must be sharpened, and oiled after sharpening. Dry or remove gas from the tank and check for worn out parts. 
  • Remove water completely from garden hoses. Drained water may freeze and break the hose. Use a reel to preserve the life of your hose. It will not kink while water is still running through. Coil it carefully on the reel.
  • Molds on cold frames may be bleached so as not to ruin them completely. If it is plastic, check for holes, and if there is a need for replacement, do so and be ready for your plants.
  • Have a tool house, if possible. This will keep your garden tools in a fashionable storage to save you energy in locating them. Avoid too much oil so they will not become greasy and difficult to handle.
  • Clean tools right away after use while the dirt is still wet. Hoes must be sharpened with a mill file applying to only one side—the underside edge is kept flat.
  • Wash power sprayers with baking soda and clean water after each use. The rubber hose must be cleaned with vinegar while the nozzle can be cleaned with kerosene.

A responsible owner knows how to take care of his garden equipment. For him, owning such tools and equipment is wealth. A person who is fond of gardening keeps his tools as if they were part of his family.  A drying yard is located out of sight but close to his house for his regular inspection. There is usually a service area surrounded by fences or shrubbery to keep them out of sight from others. Sometimes there is a storage locker where these tools and equipment are kept after drying. Such is the house of a garden lover and a responsible tool and garden equipment owner. Care is as important as the care given to his family members.


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