How To Care for Pink Jasmine

Pink jasmines, which are native to China, are very popular because they lend a tropical look to any garden. They can be grown either as a vine flowering plant in the outdoors, or within a container plant indoors. Pink jasmine is classified as an evergreen, meaning it retains its green leaves year-round; however, its pink buds (white in the inside) bloom in the late spring to early summer. If you are interested in growing pink jasmine, here are some guidelines to remember:

  • Make sure that it receives ample sunshine. This is one of the primary requirements of this flower. It needs a minimum of four hours of sunlight everyday. If you want to grow it as a container plant, you can move it outdoors in the early morning; if you want to grow it as a vine outdoors, make sure that it is situated in a sunny spot (not a shady one).
  • Know the areas where it grows best. Pink jasmine grows best in warmer climates (cold hardiness zones 8 to 10), so it’s best that you grow this plant if you’re living in such area. On the other hand, it also doesn’t like summers that are too hot. Zones ranging from North Carolina to Southern Florida are ideal.
  • Know how to start growing a pink jasmine plant. First, plant the pink jasmine and water it in a way that the soil will be kept evenly moist all throughout. Do this until the plant begins to grow its first buds – about four to six weeks waiting time is expected. Do not give it fertilizer yet during this time (after the waiting time, see number 5 for tips on how to apply fertilizer).  
  • Know how to water your plant. At first, you’d need to water once a week, and then gradually cut back once every two weeks, once a month, and then finally, once it’s established, just a few times a year. Every time you do water it, make sure that you water it thoroughly to the point that the soil is damp but never soggy. Every now and then, you could also simply mist the flower with a spray bottle.
  • Know how to apply fertilizer. You’d need to fertilize your pink jasmine about three times a year. The first is during the late spring, when you’d have to feed it with high nitrogen fertilizers. The second time is during the late summer, when you’d have to feed it with high phosphorous fertilizers, and finally during the late winter (again with high phosphorous fertilizers). After applying fertilizer, water the pink jasmine thoroughly.
  • Prune the plant. To encourage healthier growth, make sure that you prune the pink jasmine of unwanted shrubs and undergrowth. You’d have to prune the plant down to one-third of its size, and remove weak shoots or those that are growing inward. The best way is to prune it before you apply the fertilizer. 

There you have it! These are the ways to care for pink jasmine. Remember, growing a plant successfully won’t just give you a sense of accomplishment, but you might find that the process itself is therapeutic and relaxing .Good luck, and hope this helped!


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