How To Carve Wood with Power Tools


Wood carving is an ancient art that still fascinate carpenters and woodwork lovers today. In yesteryear, wood carving was done by simply using a wood block and a knife. But with the advent of power tools, professional and even amateur wood carvers create their wood carvings more precisely and efficiently. Below are instructions and tips on how to carve wood with power tools.

  • Study the power tool manual. Learn how to use your power tool so you will become comfortable in using them and to help you avoid unnecessary accidents. If you bought a pre-owned power tool, you can get its manual on the Internet. Ask for guidance if there are experienced carpenters around.
  • Carefully plan how to execute your woodwork. You need to be prepared especially if it is the first time that you will use power tools. You can use power tools easily if you have the basic knowledge and skills in doing woodworks.
  • Use a power grinder and a power chisel to carve your wood block’s main shape. Cut any rough shape in your woodblock with the help of a power chisel. Use a power grinder to define and make the wood block smoother. The power grinder can also be used for cutting wood blocks, especially hard timbers. There are power units that have all-in-one functions that you can buy. They come with grinding attachment and different blades to help you finish your rough work easily.
  • Consider cordless power tools. It is comfortable to carve woods without disturbing the thick cords. One of the downsides of using power tools is the battery, because you need to buy new batteries if your old ones have drained out.
  • Use a rotary tool or a small power cutter for a much detailed work. The Dremel rotary is an example of that tool. These are lightweight tools and they are easy to maneuver. You can use different burs and size bits to help you attain your preferred outcome. Experiment first with various tools before buying; you need to get the feel of the power tools to make you comfortable when using them. The handheld cutter must not bend when you are using it. Consult advanced or experienced carpenters for tips and suggestions before buying any power tools.
  • Put a great finishing touch in your woodwork by woodburning. Most woodcarvers choose hand tools so they can create detailed woodwork, but a woodburner can help you attain your desired finish with depth and a higher level of realism. As you are doing woodcrafts, you will learn different kinds of finishing touches that will enhance the beauty of wood art.

Power tools are hazardous so ensure that you are supervised by adults or by experienced wood carvers if you are just beginning to learn the craft. Through practice you can master the art of carving wood using power tools. Learning the basic wood carving skills is important even if you start your wood carving skills though power tools. You can also learn woodcarving skills through vocational courses.


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