How To Caulk the Exterior of a House

Caulking is a way to seal the openings on your house. This is an important step in order to keep your house weather tight. This will also help in preventing damage on the exterior of your house. If you are going to paint the exterior of your house in a new color, caulking is needed, as this will prevent the paint from peeling starting from the edges, especially the edges where the windows are located.

Here are the steps on how you can caulk the exterior of your house:

  1. Gather materials you will need. Gather all the materials that you will need for caulking. You will need a caulking gun, caulk, gloves and a ladder if you will caulk hard to reach places outside your house.
  2. Choose correct caulk. When buying the caulk, you have to choose the one that is meant for exterior applications. If you use the interior grade caulk, the caulk will not be as effective and you will have to redo the caulking every few months or years just to make sure that it is still doing its job. The next thing that you have to check is the warranty of the caulk. Choose the warranty with the longer years, as this will last longer.
  3. Clean the surfaces. Before you start caulking, you have to make sure that the surface where you will apply the caulk is clean. Get rid of old caulk by using a chisel. Wipe off any dirt or moisture from the surfaces.
  4. Caulking the exterior. Practice caulking a few beads or a line on a surface first before you start. Once your hands are steady and you have the hang of it, caulk the holes and openings by gently putting pressure on the caulk gun. Hold the caulk gun at a 45-degree angle to get the best results. If you have large gaps to fill, there is a technique that you can use to fill it with caulk. Get a rope that you can insert in the gap. Afterwards, fill the gaps with caulk until you cover the rope. This will do the trick and seal the gaps completely.
  5. Caulk all areas. For the caulking to be effective, you have to cover every inch of the exterior. These are the sidings of the doors and windows, the house trims, the corners of the structure and also around ventilation windows and faucets outside.
  6. Clean the caulk gun. After caulking, you have to be sure to clean the caulk gun so that it will not dry up and seal up the hole. Poke a needle or a thin nail into the hole where the caulk passes through. Afterwards, seal the tip of the caulk gun with some duct tape.

These are the simple steps on how you can caulk the exterior of your house. Caulking the exterior of your house can also help decrease your electricity bill. Your heaters and air conditioners will not work as much because the cool or warm air will be trapped within the house.


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