How To Change a Holesaw

A holesaw is a type of saw that is shaped like a circle. It is used in carpentry for cutting circular holes on different surfaces. A holesaw can come with different attachments for different types of cutting activities. This will make it easier to cut through plastic, wood or other thin materials. There are different threads that make up the holesaw. These machine threads are the ones that help cut through the different materials. If you are working with a holesaw and you want to change it, just follow the simple instructions that you can read below.

Here are the instructions on how you can change a holesaw:

Preparation. The first thing that you have to do is to make sure that the holesaw is not plugged to the power supply. You will also need to prepare some materials to help you in changing the holesaw. Some of the materials that you will need are a slotted or flat screwdriver, a new holesaw, a drill and pliers. You can get these from the hardware store.

Pushing the plug out. To get the plug out of the holesaw, you will have to insert the head of the screwdriver on the hole that you will see on the side of the holesaw’s body. Use the screwdriver to help you push get the plug out through the opening that you will see on the saw.

Release collar lock. The next thing to do is to release the collar lock of the holesaw. You can locate this lock by looking at the back of the holesaw. Grip the collar and wind it counter clockwise. This should loosen it up. You might have a difficult time loosening it up as it tends to tighten when the holesaw is used often.

Insert the new holesaw. Attach the holesaw until it is locked in place. When you attach the new holesaw, make sure that you do not tighten it too much. Wind the collar clockwise to lock the new holesaw in place and make sure that the collar lock is properly secure.

Lube the holesaw. The holesaw will work better if the teeth of the saw is lubed. To do this, get some bees wax and spread it on the teeth of the saw. This will make the cutting of the holesaw much easier. This will also prevent the teeth of the saw from rusting. You can also prevent rusting by greasing the saw with some oil before using. Wipe off any excess oil from the holesaw.

These are the simple instructions on how you can change a holesaw. Before working with your holesaw, it will be very useful if you consult the manual. A lot of things regarding the troubleshooting of your holesaw is discussed in the manual. Read the manual so that you will know how to take care of your holesaw and make it last for a long time.


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