How To Change the Color of Mexican Floor Tile

A Mexican floor tile is quite a popular choice especially for the new homeowners and for those who want to remodel their home. Those who prefer this type of flooring typically love the Spanish look that it brings to their home. It originates from Saltillo, Mexico, where people use clay to make the handmade Mexican tile. They do this by putting it under the sun to dry or by wood firing. The authentic tile can last for a very long time when given good care, and as long as it is properly sealed. But if your Mexican tiles have faded, leaving your floors dull, here are easy steps on how to change the color of your Mexican floor tile.

Mexican floor tile type

First, you have to find out the type of Mexican flooring that you have. Make sure that it is porous and that it is unglazed. Otherwise, you cannot change the color of the tile.

Mexican floor tile sealer

Remove the sealer from your floor tile if it is unglazed, but previously sealed. There are recommended strippers available for Mexican floor tiles. This type of tile needs a gentle stripper that will remove the layer of the sealed surface. Acetone or Aldon Insta-Clean can be used rather than the strippers that are sold commercially. These are gentle enough that it will not affect the Mexican tile itself. Mop the tiles with the preferred stripper and wait until the sealer dries up and turns into powder. Scrub off the blistered sealer with a brush. Make sure to wear a mask so as not to inhale the chemical vapors, as these are not good for your health.

Changing the color of the Mexican tile

When the sealer has been removed and cleaned, the Mexican tile would be porous and ready to be stained. Apply your desired color with a concrete stain or a tile stain. These can be bought from hardware stores. Some stains available in the market are sealers at the same time. You will be able to save time and money with this type of stain.

Sealing the Mexican tile

If you used the ordinary type of concrete stain, then you will need to get the separate sealer for your flooring. There are different products available at hardware stores that you can buy to reseal your flooring such as Glaze ’n Seal Products, Aqua Mix, or Charlotte Mexican Paver Sealer. Just follow the instructions written on the product. Make sure that the sealer you will use is durable and strong enough to last a long time and to protect your flooring. Applying a sealer is important because if you leave the Mexican tile unsealed, it can absorb moisture.

Polishing the floor

After you have waited for at least twenty-four hours after sealing, it is recommended that you polish your floor. Use at least 4 coats of polish so as to really seal and protect your new flooring.

Keep your newly refinished Mexican floor tiles clean with white vinegar mixed with warm water. Follow these do-it-yourself steps to have clean and beautiful home.


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