How To Change the Color of Stained Concrete

Some homes have concrete flooring. This concrete flooring can be a bit boring when it is not designed. One thing that you can do in order to spice up your boring floor is to change its color. You can easily change the color of your concrete flooring without having to hire some artists to do it for you. The steps are really easy. You can change the color according to the shade that you like. Follow these steps on how you can change the color of stained concrete in your house.

Here are the simple steps on how you can change the color of your stained concrete:

Materials you will need. Purchase all the materials that you will need for this project. You will need concrete sealant, concrete stain, concrete primer, a mop that you are ready to throw away, paint thinner, pad wash and a power washer. You can get these materials from your local hardware store.

Preparation. Clean the surface of your concrete flooring first before you continue with the staining it. You can use the pad wash and the power washer for this. Allow the flooring to dry completely before you proceed with the next steps. Leave the windows open or use a fan to speed up the process if you want.

Remove some stains. You can remove some of the stains that are on the concrete flooring by using the thinner. Use your old mop to wipe the thinner on the spot of the stain. If you are planning on doing this by hand with an old rag, you can do so but be sure to wear some protective gloves so that your hands will not burn when you hold the rag with the thinner.

Put primer on the flooring. The next step is to spread some primer on the flooring. This will get the floor ready for the staining. It will also help in getting the concrete back to the original true color. Notice that when you put primer, the concrete floor appears darker. This is normal. The color will lighten up when the primer dries.

Apply concrete stain. Wait for the primer to dry. Afterwards, you can use the concrete stain and apply it on the concrete to stain it the way that you like. It is advisable to put a small amount of concrete stain at first. You can just add a bit more concrete stain if you feel that you have not achieved the color that you want.

Apply sealant. When the concrete stain is dry, apply one coat of concrete sealant. This will prevent the stain from fading away quickly.

These are the simple steps on how you can change the color of stained concrete flooring. Note that you are working with harmful chemicals that can be detrimental to your health. That is why you need to wear protective gloves. You can also wear a mask to prevent smelling the fumes from the chemicals that you are working with.


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