How To Charge for House Designing

House designing includes various types of tasks such as home decorating, interior designing, architecture, and renovation. Since it involves different businesses, charging a fee for these services vary.

If you want to know how to charge for your house designing services, here are the things you should do.

Check if a licensing permit is required. The first thing you need to do is to check if your state requires you to have a license permit before doing your job. If your job involves professional work, then you can charge a fee that is a bit higher than blue-collar jobs. Remember that this factor varies among different states so be sure the law in the state you are living.

Estimate the cost of your work. The next thing you must do when charging fee for house designing services is to figure out all the expenses involved in your work. This includes the materials, labor fee, and other costs. It is also important to note that adding 15 percent to the total cost of the job as your labor fee is just appropriate. If you have an hourly rate, you can simply multiply the number of hours you are working by your hourly rate.

Check for any additional fees. Often times, you need to add additional fees when doing a house designing job. This fee usually comes up when you are starting to do your job and there are certain changes that your client wants to have. You may also want to charge traveling fee if you think the location of your work is too far from where you live. Remember to take note of every additional fees you need to add and always inform your clients regarding this fee in order to avoid misunderstandings.

Be sure to have a contract regarding your fee. It is also important to create a written document regarding your fee. Like any other jobs, it is very essential to write a legal contract between you and your client. This terms and agreements will determine what you need to do if some unfortunate events happen, like cancelling the work offered. Your legal document regarding fees should include the things you and your clients have agreed upon, the services you will provide, the fees you are charging, special clauses and of course, additional fees.

Make sure to inform your clients about your fees. The last thing you need to do when charging house designing tasks is to ensure that your client is always informed about your rates. Whatever fees you are charging, tell it to your client and make sure that he understands everything. This is to avoid misunderstandings. Ask your client beforehand how much he is willing to spend on house designing.

These are the steps on how to charge for house designing services. Always remember that no design fees should ever be quoted until after you have briefed your prospective clients about the work you are about to do.


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