How To Cheaply Refinish, Refurbish and Modernize Furniture

Creating a brand new look for old furniture is a very rewarding task. It is also a more practical way to obtain furniture rather than buying brand new items. Some may think that refinishing, refurbishing and modernizing furniture is a hard thing to do, but by simply following these steps, you will see that it is definitely worth your time.

Find furniture. As soon as you have decided to dedicate yourself on this task, the first thing you must do is obtain the furniture. You have many options for this. You can buy old furniture in a garage sale, you can use old furniture in your home or you can search for old furniture from websites, like Also, make sure that the furniture you obtain is a good and appropriate piece for the task. If you obtain an antique, it would be better to let a professional handle the job. Sometimes, refinishing this kind of furniture can lessen its value. Avoid furniture with too many coats of paint on it. An old wood with a little damage is what you should be looking for.

Remove old finish. Once you obtain an old piece of furniture for your project, clean it by using soap and water. When you are done with this, remove the old finish of the furniture by using any type of stripper. Make sure that your working area is well ventilated and covered. By using a brush, apply the stripper carefully in the direction of the grain.

Sand the furniture. When you are done removing the old finish, you can now start sanding the furniture. Sand every area of the furniture. Start by using a heavy grit sandpaper then use a light grit sandpaper to smooth out the furniture. Finish the sanding process with a finishing sander. When you are done sanding the furniture, clean it thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner and a wet cloth afterwards. Then, prime the furniture and allow it to dry.

Stain the furniture. When your primer has dried, start painting your furniture. Choose a color and paint every area of the furniture evenly. Usually, two coatings are required in this type of task. For every coat, allow it to dry for a few hours. After painting the furniture, apply several coatings of Polyurethane. When it is dry, sand the furniture once more with a 220 grit sandpaper. Remove sawdust or residue and apply another coat of Polyurethane.

Modernize the furniture. Once you’re done with the refinishing and refurbishing, you can start creating an original look for the furniture. Decorate your furniture according to your desired look. You can apply new handles or knobs or put different accessories to create a brand new look.

These are the steps on how to refinish, refurbish and modernize furniture. When working on this project, make sure that the surroundings of your working area are clean and covered. By putting your time and effort on this project, you can easily attain a brand new piece of furniture that can give you a sense of satisfaction.


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