How To Check the Flow of Chi

Having good Feng Shui in your home means having good chi, or good energy flow. When you're thinking of redecorating or adding a new piece to your home, it's important to check the flow of chi in your space. Before you reposition anything, read these tips on how to check the flow of chi.

Step 1

Understand that Chi can be found in anything. Chi (Feng Shui energy) can be found in any object. It has either yin or yang characteristics (or both) and it comes in a variety of forms. It is an invisible sort of energy that moves through us and everything around us. Different types of chi energy can be found in different shapes and colors, according to the 5 elements of Feng Shui. If you properly learn to balance these elements within your home, you will understand the importance of having good chi flow because you will feel better and have a happier life.

Step 2

Picture your home in a flood. It sounds crazy, but picture chi energy as water in your home. If you were to open your front door and let water flow in, where would it go? Would it flow to all areas of your home and bring harmony and peace to each room? Or would it be blocked by clutter or furniture? Maybe your back door is directly in line with your front door, in which case your ‘chi water' would flow right out of your home without bringing any positive energy to your home. It is important that each room and area is open and connected to other rooms in a way that permits good chi to flow openly throughout your home.

Step 3

Make sure your furniture is in a good spot. When you are creating good chi flow, it is important to consider furniture placement. Bulky pieces should be positioned in a way that permits chi to flow through the home. Don't use furniture as a wall or to block certain areas. That will create bad Feng Shui.

Step 4

Avoid chi blockages. Chi energy is meant to flow through a home and support a positive lifestyle. But if you've got chi blockages within your home, you may not be living the best life. The main entrance to your door may block chi if it opens into a wall. Similarly, cluttered garages and closets don't allow for the flow of chi through your home. Open up these areas to create better chi flow.

Step 5

Avoid chi leakage. Good chi energy can also flow out of your home. Check the flow of chi in and out of the doors within your home by ensuring that no two doors are directly aligned with one another (such as the front and back door.) A big window aligned with a door will have the same negative effect. You don't want doors or windows aligned in your home if you're hoping to create good chi flow.


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