How To Choose a Dining Room Table Size

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The right size of the dining table will determine how comfortable the seating arrangement becomes and how your dining room or kitchen will look. If you have a large dining table you will not have enough room to move in between and behind the table without bumping on the people seated or getting plastered to your wall before you can move. A small table will make your dining area airy and spacious but will limit the number to people that can sit around the table as well as getting them cramped and bumping against each other when seated. Take a look at the tips below on how to choose the dining table size that will be appropriate for your dining room.

  • Take into consideration the number of people that will regularly seat around the table. There are guidelines on the size and the distance between the tables and the wall as well as between each chair or person seated.
  • Measure the space where you plan to put the dining table. A standard rectangular dining table is about two and a half feet by five feet. This will comfortably sit four to six people and should be placed in an area that measures nine feet by twelve feet.
  • There should be at least thirty-two inches of space from the table to the wall. This will allow people to easily move their chair back and stand or sit on the chair. Make sure that you measure the distance from a cabinet that is in your dining room rather than the wall to get an accurate measurement of the space available.
  • If there will be people who will be walking back and forth around the table while you and your family members or guests are seated, the allowance around the table should be increased to thirty-eight inches. Increase the distance to forty-two inches if people will be serving food behind the chairs of the people seated.
  • Consider the height of the dining table you are getting. The standard is twenty-nine and a half inches. A lower height can be considered if the people who will be using the dining table are all petite in size.
  • The distance from one person to the next while seated should be at least twenty-four inches. This will give each person enough space to eat comfortably without bumping elbows with the next person.
  • After you have considered the right size and height that will best fit your dining room area, you should now consider the color and material of the dining table. It should be complementary to the general interior of the room. A hardwood table can last for many years. If you have a contemporary interior decoration and your budget allows it, you can go for a glass dining table, either a clear one or a tinted glass one or a combination of materials for a fashionable look. Dark wood and stainless steel are some of the mixed materials that are being incorporated in new dining table designs and manufacture.

Choosing the right size for a dining table is determined by the people who will be using the dining table. If you have a large family a rectangular table will fit your needs. For a cozier dining atmosphere and you have a small family, a round table may well fit your lifestyle. Measure the space and think of your comfort when choosing the right size for your dining table.


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