How To Choose a Dining Table Pad

The dining table is one of the most expensive furniture pieces in the house, especially if your dining table is made from wood. Wood is a very delicate material that can easily get scratched, even with the protective lacquer and varnishing that is applied on the surface of the wood. Plenty of people also confuse stains with varnishes – stained wood is not necessarily protected against every day use. A dining table pad is a must to protect antique wood dining tables.

  1. Custom made. Most people prefer to invest in custom made dining table pads. One of the best advantages of custom made furniture pads and table protectors is that it can be used to prevent dents and scratches which occur when silverware and other materials come into contact with the wood. These also protect the table from heat damage caused by exposure to direct sunlight, or hot objects such as serving bowls filled with cooked meals. These custom made table pads are made from materials of your choice and usually have a felt fabric layer at the bottom to protect the wood. These are also designed to fit specifically to your table shape, whether it is round, square, rectangular, or any other shape.
  2. Fabrics, plastics and card. Another quickly growing type of dining table pad is those made from plastic table cloth and the card table covers. These are very inexpensive and are available in most shopping departments and furniture shops. These types of table pads are also very easy to use – they are simply draped over the surface of the dining table. There are also protector sets that will provide covers for dinging tables and chair pads for the dining chairs. When not in use, storage is easy for these dining table pads because of these can be folded into a small and compact size that will fit most linen cabinets.
  3. Glass. One of the classic dining table pads is the glass pad. These are more expensive and need to be tailored to the specific shape of the table. The glass pads, however, are one of the most resilient. The glass pads are made to be thick enough to handle heavy objects such as serving bowls filled with food, and even computers and other tools. The glass dining table pads are also very easy to clean with a simple cloth, and will not stain or scratch easily, as long as high quality glass is selected. The glass pads also work best for antiques or wood dining tables with complex details on the surface, since the glass will still allow guests to view the details of the dining table.
  4. Homemade. Finally, there are homemade dining table pads that you can create yourself. You can quilt your own fabrics of choice to create a dining table pad that will not only protect the surface of the table, but also add a decorative touch for the dining room.

Look into price, design, and usability when determining which type of dining table pads you will use for your home. Through these types of dining table pads, you can find one that will fit well with your lifestyle, table use, and budget.


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